My ESB Vader build


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This is the ESB Vader I just put together. Took me little more than a year, and I'm only waiting to get a Dark-Side chest box to finally be complete.

joevader_19sept2020 copy.jpg

The helmet is very special. It is an EFX PCR mask, modded by myself, combined with an ESB dome from Master Mike Warren.


Another thing I'm particularly proud of, is that I am 5'8" barefoot, and reach 6'3" in full costume. I was very careful to maintain proportions as best as I could.
It was a very fun thing to make, I learned tons from other Vaders, and I can't wait to finally be able to go out in costume.

So, now, I'll dip my feet in Boba Fett, starting with the helmet. Looking forward to this.


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Thanks! I'd like to build one after I'm finished with Boba. Starting height 6'0-6'1ish
Both characters are so cool. You will undoubtedly fare much better than me in the height department. (y) I recommend that you do extensive research on what vendors will fit the best for your specific build.


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I managed to get the mask to complete my Mike Warren helmet. It has now become my main lid, and my modded EFX will remain as a backup.
Here is a pic of the two. EFX on the left, and Mike Warren ESB on the right.


And here is a pic of my latest suit-up, using the Warren helmet.

joevader_hand copy.jpg