Funkyreds Shoretrooper build


Been looking for a new project to obsesse and take over my life since the Fett is 99% done ( don't think it will ever be 100% finished lol)
As soon as I saw The Shoretrooper in Rogue One I knew at some point I would build one. So here goes , I pulled the trigger this week and bought a set of Jim Tripon armour with helmet , jodpurs/pants , orca bay Brecon boots. Still to order Undershirt , gloves , E22 . Balaclava And upgraded armour parts (buckles , shoulder and lower leg and strapping) seems weird only having such a small parts list after the inventory that went in to the Fett.


This is exactly how I felt with the death trooper. I’ve been so close on pulling the trigger but I am still constantly spending hundreds of dollars upgrading my fett and making things more accurate...I think I’ll always just have Fett lol.


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I love the dirtiness and weathering of the Shoretrooper and design of the it. Iv been really tempted to do this costume as well. But I really want to get a Vader done. I just end up painting up a helmet, it is soooo much easier then Fett. Enjoy your build


I'm curious if you'd share the costs when all is done. I'm seriously considering this as my next kit.