how many helmets?

Darth Squeet

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I've got a rubies Jango, and a Fibreglass bucket from my own hard work and determination.
Both have been targeted for customization!!:love
And I have the feeling I won't stop there.


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We only have one each :(
I have a DP 97 and my brother has a Rubies Jango. obviously not the greatest of helmets, but with a few modifications and a repaint, they should look pretty good(at least till we decide to upgrade ;))

Oh and we also have a DP stormtrooper helmet. not sure of the year.

Omega Man

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I had a crappy DP 97 then i painted it, changed the visor, and reinforced it with fiberglass. Now i can be proud of owning a modified DP 97.


i have a FG recast of the altmanns, a 97 flattop, a 95 pvc, and a really ugly rubies jango. of course the one im gonna use till i get a MSH will be the 95! all need a repaint and the FG had to have some mods done to it.


I have a DP 97 that I am going to make into a Jango, and a Naboo Pilot helmet for a Pilot costume.



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I've got 2 DP 95s, 2 DP 96s, and 2 DP 96 recasts.

I'm converting one of the original 96s to a Jango. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with the rest. :)

phantom viper

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I have one DP 97 That I have done some heavy mods to for a custom mandalore.

Your not alone J3:lol:

I also have a stormtrooper helmet and that Kellogg's clone trooper. And I have two DP regular vader helmets one old and one new.


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I only have two, and I though I was obsessed, wow i cant imagine owning 4 or 5 fett helmets, thats like having a small mandalorian army of your own!


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Man I've got a DP 96 now, but hopefully soon I can upgrade to somethin bigger. I would like a little more room for the leds, and fans.....ah plus I got a big melon:lol:

Dark Trooper

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I personally love to collect movie and tv helmets. The cooler the better.

My collection:
Star Wars:
Rubies Anakin Pod Racing Helmet
RA Custom X-Wing
Altman Death Star Gunner
DP Classic Action Tie Pilot
DP Standard Boba Fett (Unknown Year)
DP Deluxe Boba Fett
RA Tie Pilot
RA ATAT Helmet
RA Y-Wing
DP Classic Action Darth Vader
DP Classic Action Darth Vader (Repainted)
Stealth (Black) Stormtrooper
Altman Biker Scout
Altman Stealth (Black) Biker Scout
Fiberglass Jango (recast of DP Deluxe BF from board member)
Fiberglass Jango (from RA)
Kellog's Clonetrooper
RA recast clone pilot
Recast Kellog's Clone (fellow trooper)
Altman Rebel trooper
Altman Imperial Trooper
Fiberglass Boba Fett (unfinished - from board member)

Non-Star Wars:
Pink Power Ranger (original from first movie)
Black Power Ranger (original from first movie)
Starship Troopers MI (original from movie)
Aliens Colonial Marine (built myself)
Space: Above & Beyond Atmosphere helmet (enclosed)
Space: Above & Beyond Kevlar helemt (built myself)
Deep Eyes from Final Fantasy

I guess I am a little obsessive...:wacko


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Very few...
Don Post CA Stormtrooper
Don Post Deluxe (recast) Boba Fett (ESB)
Altmann's Scout Trooper

Want to get MSH2 and MLC Jango but with all the troubled roads i've crossed lately (funeral, illness, school, injuries) it might take a while for those, hopefully they'll still be available when I can come up with some spare moneys.