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Just wondering how many helmets you each have, if you have more than one are you classed as obsessive? I've just got rid of a rubies to make way for my DP 95 (at last!) and I've also got a DP 97.
While on the subject of obsessive is there such thing as TDH syndrome (*the addiction to The Dented Helmet Forum*) my wife thinks I spend far to much time on the forum ?!?
She just dosn't understand, but she's learning he he

I've got a 96 DP, and I'm getting a Rubies Jango to use for Barbie Fett. (Can't bear to paint the DP lavendar and yellow.) I may be nice and give the DP to my brother, but that's a big maybe.

I'm just obsessive about costuming in general. My friend Kevin teases me about not being able to fit all of my costume research into a Jedi holocron, if that gives you any hint.
Hi, I only have one, a 96 Don Post but will get a full size next year. Although the 96 I own looks big on my body frame I want a more accurate movie size helmet.
Tell your wife it takes forever and A day,to go thru all the
stuff.It's really not your fault.With such A surplus of this much stuff.Your sure to have A sweet suit.Look at it this way.
When it's all said and done.You should have one hell of A suit.So when all your freinds and family are speechless.(once finished)I will all be worth it.
I only have one. A 96 DP that I repainted 6 or 7 times, only to have it get trashed in a halloween mishap! (Don't let your friends borrow your helmet, sometimes they leave them on top of their cars and drive away; then they realize their mistake, slam on the brakes, and your helmet ends up in the middle of the street all banged up & cracked) Sorry guys-had to vent. Anyway, I plan on getting a more accurate fiberglass helmet as well one of these days.
I have one 96 Don Post Boba Fett, one Don Post Biker Scout and one Kellogs Clone Trooper (soon to be heavily modified). I also have a vacuformed Fett on the way soon.
Well, if you add in non-Fett helmets, I've also got a Naboo starfighter pilot's helmet for when (if) I get around to making Padme's pilot outfit. So three for me.
Ra says about a week and i'll have my fiberglass one ,but its my fourth i had a 97, 96 ,and a rubies jango ( gave away for Christmas ) and i still can't find the right shade of paint for the esb dome any can suggestions PM ME
I have a RA X-wing helmet, a DP TIE helmet and a Rubies Jango which is going to another board member ;) to make way for a fiberglass Jango. Can't f'n wait for that.
I have the following: 1 rubies fett, 2 DP 97 fett, 1 96 DP fett, A rubbies x-wing, A DP vader, stormtrooper,anakin podracer, royal guard, kellogs clone trooper, latex darth mual, and gamorrean, and my fiberglass 95 recast.

My name is Greg and I have a problem.

I have one DP 96 waiting to be worked on, and a Rubies Jango that I have highly modified.

Still...I WANT MORE!!! :eek:

Jango Junkie! :)
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I have my DP97 Fett, rubies Jango, DP Vader (one of the better ones), DP X-Wing, DP Chewie, DP Yoda, DP Ewok, and finally a latex Darth Maul with no company mark on it but it is pretty cool looking. Soon to be the owner of a Fiberglass Fett.

I have a kick arse fiberglass helmet that I obtained from an old RPF member. Most of you know who I`m talking about. And yes...its as sweet as everyone says they are.

I've got a Mystery Helmet done up as Jango, one nearly done as ESB Boba (gotta go get decal material for the stripes), and if I maintain good sense, I'll probably stop at a third, custom one. If I really lose it though I'll probably make a ROTJ someday just to show people the differences!

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