Historian Fett's ESB WIP

Had to wait a couple days for the thrusters to cool off from its journey to me, but my ESB jetpack has landed! And boy is it an piece amazing. This Wasted Fett jetpack offering was carefully built/painted by BudaFett and has full MachineCraft metal all around, an original dental file from 01Hawk, and clips from full metal fett. In the next few days I'll add Jc27's light beacon kit. Each of these vendors has been incredible to work with on this. All are knowledgeable and provide fantastic products. And a big thanks to BudaFett who has been an invaluable resource on my journey, not only with the build/paint of this jetpack but beyond.

Jetpack 1.jpg
Jetpack 3.jpg
Finally got around to taking a side-by-side comparison pic of my two EE-3's.

Top is a Hellhounds rubber EE-3 (I just need to paint/add the greeblies to the stock)
Bottom is a Sidewinder EE-3

*Both need a leather strap added*

EE-3 Duplo.jpg

I purchased both cause one never knows when Boba needs to go double fisted for a bounty.