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Hey, everyone just wanted all to know that **if you have already made arrangements for me to do helmet work for you are good to go** but I will be going on mini retirement so I can work on personal projects I want to get back on my scratchbuilt Falcon(Empire) and 44" eagle(space 1999).

Another reason I am doing this is I am getting bogged down with additional work when I receive helmets and that work I'm doing is not in my price quotes(basically I do not build up the stalk,cutout keyslots, attach visors or ears).

I really only do painting(does not mean build up included) and if prior arrangements are made and additional fees paid I will do trimming and build ups. I appologize for any inconvienience and I appreciate everyone who has had me do work for them I hope you enjoy your helmets as much as I did working them up for you.
Well with the new baby and wnating to work my own projects it's hard for me to devote the time to the helmets and still get them out in a reasonable amount of time. So I feel my customer service ability is waining so I thought I would take a break and let me catch up to the real world (I hate reality). I'll be back but it'll be a several months.


Rogue Studios wrote:

I hope you enjoy your helmets as much as I did working them up for you.

Dont know if you really enjoyed painting mine that much :lol: but I know I will enjoy it very much. :)

Thanks for all your work on the helmets Lee
Its much appreciated. :)

Heres my pride & joy. ;)




Nathan :)
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