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Because my superhero name would be Captain Procrastination, I guess I should finally get around to starting a WIP thread, after nearly 2 years here LMAO. :)
I'm just waiting on 2 last commissions to come in before I try submitting for 501st approval, so I was really hoping to try to get suit feedback before I post over to the bhg. I can't express enough how much I admire a bunch of you guys in here that have poured your hearts and souls into this forum and helping guys like me, so I wanted to get all of your critiques, so that I can try to nail down what I need to address first.

The last thing that I want, is to post over there and then have a 15 page thread of what I need to fix lol.
I'd rather have that here, better to look like a schmo BEFORE you head off for your job interview, so to speak :)

So, I'll post pics of stuff next week, when my kids are back in school and I have a few hours with an empty house during the day. But for the moment, I'll start compiling a list of what I have and who the builders and painters were.

Thank you in advance for any advice, feedback, tips, or suggestions. I'll take all of them, gladly. My goal is to get 501st approval eventually, because I REALLY want to be able to do the troops at childrens hospital los angeles, where my son was. I remember when he was there years ago as a newborn with his heart surgery. You're there for a long time.... then you go down to the lobby and see stormtroopers. Instant escape from all the chit you're in, I want to give that back.

So, here goes.
PS: If I forget to add any of the suit components in the following list, that I should have in it... please let me know. Thanks.

- Fettpride, cast and painted by Artakha, with aluminum stalk.

- Fettpride V3, purchased from I thiiiiiiiiink it was chris4321 (I thiiiink *shrugs*), from the cargo hold early last year. I accidentally deleted the conversation, which said who made everything. It came with synthetic wookie braids, canvas cape, knees, backplate, cod/kidney and all the upper body armor. I unfortunately don't know the maker of the cape. I had it all sent to Artakha to be repainted, so it would be consistent with his helmet.
ROTJ Chest display by hotpockets.

- Artakha sculpt and paintjob. upgraded with metal darts, as well as accurate light on the rocket gaunt, and plunger switches. Hinge closure.

- DVH jetpack, painted by Artakha for consistency. Upgraded with homing beacon from machine craft.

Jetpack Harness:
- Quality JP Harness Kit from Bigdane

- by Major

Flight Suit:
- By Clothears, with attached neck seal, purchased from funkyred (thanks funk!) I originally purchased, and still have, RKD's personal flight suit, but it no longer fits me.

Armor Vest:
- Not sure of the maker, it was RKD's

Ammo Belt:
- Not sure of the maker, it was RKD's

Girth Belt:
- Not sure of the maker, it was RKD's

Hip Pouches:
- Not sure of the maker, they were RKD's, HOWEVER.... I need to dye one of them to be offwhite, because they are both tan in color, and I see that ROTJ is supposed to have 1 offwhite and 1 tan.

- CA Boots with aluminum toe spikes

- Not sure of the maker, it was RKD's EE3, and it is heavy as sin. lol

Shin Tools:
- I have just recently commissioned a painted set of shin tools, so that I can have accurate ones.

Ankle Spats:
- Not sure of the maker.

I also just commissioned a new set of ROTJ wookie braids from Woodman.

I'll post pics asap.
If anyone could please let me know of any issues you might see from this list, please let me know. I have no idea where my cape is from because it came with the armor. It is green canvas and has the US Army print on it, but not sure what other info needs to be provided for it.

I will greeeeatly appreciate ANY feedback, even if it comes out that I end up needing to completely buy a new piece of gear to replace something horrible, I'll do it without complaining.

-edit edit-
Artakha's original build/paint thread for my armor, helmet, jetpack and gaunts can be found in the following thread:
---> Armor, Jetpack, Gauntlets, oh my! for GeekdadX7

Artahka’s build thread has tons of detailed pics of all the painted pieces in it.
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Geekdad, I can relate to your Super Hero label that you've referred to. I'm in a similar boat and just haven't had the time to devote
to building as needed. I did see a post fairly recently on Boochman's thread that Jdubz listed that sounds like a Great way to help out
a bunch of folks that are seeking 501st approval. The BHG has a Fugitive Recovery Pre-Approval Program, as Jdubz describes, they basically work with you on your build and once everything is sufficient for the Basic Level, they contact the GML directly to let them know of their review of your
costume. Here's the link - Sign In - The Bounty Hunters Guild
I think this is a fantastic way to help out and reduce the stress of trying to get headed in the right direction with your Fett!!
Thank You Jdubz for posting this link !!!! (y)


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Hey geekdad! Link to the aforementioned comments here: BoochmaN's ROTJ WIP

very helpful comments from JDubz for sure. Wish I had the comments BEFORE I did some of the parts, but no matter; I can still go back and refine them for approval!


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Welcome to the hell named ROTJ. :lol:

As hvacdon rightly suggested, start a thread in the Fugitive Recovery program at BHG where you will receive all the clarifications you need to get approved.

All the best!