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Okay, I browsed thru both the Boba and Jango sections for more info on this, and couldn't find anything. I need some ideas for making the gauntlets wearable. Hinge on one side and what on the other? Velcro? If anyone can help me out, post a link to a pre-existing thread, or post some pics/info of your own here that would rock.

If you go to, to the fett page and scroll down to the gauntlets he has picture of his gauntlets on there. I think the last picture under the right gauntlet shows how he applied velcro to both sides to put his together. His sight is really helpful. you should check it out.
If you have 'heavy' gauntlets I would suggest a hinge on one side and velcro on the other. I superglue'd two strips of flexible plastic for hinge on one side then velcro on the other. It holds very strong. I have to really apply force to remove mine and there is no "slippage". (y)
Thanks guys. At work we use the same velcro method for vambraces when the designer doesn't want to see the traditional lacing, and it was my first thought when it came to putting gauntlets together, but I wanted to see what other people had.

I used the 'clamshell' method like the movie suits, and it works really well. On the outer edge of each gauntlet, glue a strip of plastic along the inside seam. Then on the inner side, glue a strip plastic on one side, then put velcro on there to connect the sides.

You can see the velcro slipping off in this photo, and you'll probably notice it if you look at a few of the publicity photos:
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I use a piano hinge on the outside like the Jango suit on display at C II. The inside I use rare earth magnets. The clamshells just snap shut & there is no danger of them coming off unless I want to get out of them.
I used hinges on the inside and rare earth magnets I bought on eBay on the out side had Velcro and they were to hard to get off now with the magnets it's easy and I can pull off and put on by myself hope that helps
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