ROTJ:SE Gauntlet Refinish by FettFromHell

Boba Fret

I was getting sick of my BobaMaker gauntlets looking a bit too red in certain lighting. Sent these off to my buddy, Dean (@fettfromhell on Instagram) to refinish them.

We’re going for the SE look, and we’re going to hit it with some Floquil Rock Island Maroon.

Can’t wait to update you with some more progress pics. These are going to be sick!

Here are some before pics:


with my WIP SE bucket:

And here’s the comparison with the new color:

Sanded down the original finish


Then Dean hit the right gauntlet with a base silver. We’re doing that side layered and the left side paint chipping detail will be done topically.




Agreed with Buda, that they came out really good! I seen that you are going for the "SE" look. While the focus of this thread is on your Gauntlets. I'm seeing three hoses on your Right Gauntlet, where there should be only one and on your Left Gauntlet the hose is missing from the back of the rocket. Which for me....personally, I never cared for - a hose coming off the back of the rocket. I see a few more ammo pouches also may be needed for the SE Fett and the helmet you have, to me says ROTJ. I'm also seeing the addition of the Survival Knife and Jetpack Adjustment Shin Tools which the SE Fett has. Isn't the EE-3 for an SE Fett also supposed to have that shorter scope mounted on one block too? Unless your intention was a mash-up - which could totally be the case too.

I'm sure you know but here is what the 501st CRL says on the SE Gauntlets.....
501st - Boba Fett SE - Left Gauntlet.jpg

501st Boba Fett SE - Right Gauntlet..jpg

I also have a set of Boba Maker Gauntlets and the thought of cutting the metal tubes off of em' kinda makes me ill. But if that's what needs to be done to bring it to SE Standards, then so be it.....
Boba Maker Gauntlets.jpg

But again, awesome paint job them gauntlets!
:cool: (y)

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Thanks, Iron.

The intention for the kit was initially just an SE. I got a really great deal on a ROTJ hero bucket from NixFX so I jumped on it. That’s all I have right now. I have a proper SE helmet being painted by Dean as well. So until I get that helmet, I was going for the ANH-SE look (minus the reversed shoulder armor lol) which I think (I’m not 100% certain) also uses the PP2 right gauntlet. It still looks like it has the 3 hoses attached. Perhaps this was filmed first and then by ROTJ SE filming they removed two hoses and put one on the left gauntlet. Idk.
I will have to figure out what I want to do, because I love the look of the ROTJ hero, but my suit and incoming helmet are SE.

I was hoping to apply for 501st as an SE and then while on display at home, throw the hero helmet on and remove 4 ammo pouches and have a pseudo ROTJ hero/ANH-SE hanging on the mannequin.

Speaking of the belt. It is an SE belt, I just removed 4 ammo pouches and slipped the side pouches through the loops to get the hero look for this shoot. This was my main inspiration for this look


The other thing that’s nice about this costume, is I can see the right chest plate doesn’t have the dent like the ROTJ hero. My right chest plate and the ROTJ SE doesn’t have this physical sent either.

So I feel like I just need to figure out the hose part so I can seamlessly go back and forth between the ROTJ:SE and ANH:SE looks.
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