FOUND PART!!! Helmet keyslot circuit board

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A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to discover that the keypad on Fett's gauntlet was a Casio MQ-1 calculator.

Last week I made a second discovery.

I was determined to figure out what type of electonic chip can be seen in the keyslots on the back of the Fett helmet. To make a very long story short I learned more about IC chips than I EVER wanted to know. When that utterly failed to help me, I began using mesurements of the keyslots to determine the size of the chip and board. I had thought about the MQ-1 early on as a possibility but had dismissed it as being to small to cover the keyslots but after taking measurements I realized the MQ-1 would be JUST wide enough to cover them. I rushed home in a mad frenzy and tore my MQ-1 apart and there it was... the upper keyslot detail piece!!!!

The MQ-1 electronics board is divided into two halves. Half is dedicated to the keypad and the other half to the display. The two halves were seperated and the leftover display half was used for the keyslot detail. As you can see in the pics below, that piece is not long enough to cover all the keyslots. It appears a plain piece of plastic was used to cover the remaining slots. You can even see a defined break between the top and bottom in a few of the inside helmet shots we took at MoM. It is even possible that the entire MQ-1 board was used on the RotJ helmet but I am not sure... Just not enough good pics...

I still haven't figured out what the two greeblies at the bottom of the Jedi and Prepro helmets are but at least we have most of it covered. :D

Thanks for looking!

ESB Helmet at AoSW compared to MQ-1

ROTJ Helmet at MoM compared to MQ-1

Inside view of ROTJ Helmet at MoM

Another inside view of ROTJ Helmet at MoM
Hahaha. that's awesome man! I never noticed that there's anything inside those keyslots even! :D
Great find man, you da man!!! :lol:

I wonder if the IC was initially supposed to be visible through the slots, and then they just painted it over?!? I wouldn't see a point for the IC to be there painted over since very hard to see?

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YES! Way to go bro! Check another one off the list! I owe you a drink, no, two drinks...wait, I'll buy ya dinner and two drinks! :lol:
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Bobo wrote:

I wonder if the IC was initially supposed to be visible through the slots, and then they just painted it over?!? I wouldn't see a point for the IC to be there painted over since very hard to see?

Just shows the amazing level of commitment and detail these guys have. You'll never see anything like that in a CGI POS. The little details like this are what make Fett stand apart from all other costumes and are what make me love Fett so much!
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Hey does anyone know who paid that freakishly high price for the one on EBAY the other day? They also bought a divers buckle.

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What a week for finds.

Now comes the hard part for me, finiding one of these, & justifing the cash to buy it :lol:

Superb discovery Art

Nathan :)
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Great find man - but I still can't pull my self to pay that much money for the satisfaction of having the proper found part. I would like to say I can - but I would rather have a bucket first :D

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You can GENERALLY get an MQ-1 for between $100-$150. I really don't know what happened in that last auction, especially since the winner already had one. The most scary thing to me is that there had to be TWO people willing to pay over $300 for that auction to reach that high! I am not criticizing either perosn as I have paid some ridiculous amounts simply because I HAD TO HAVE some particular piece. This is just the first time I have seen an MQ-1 go over $200. Interestingly, only the winner is a Star Wars guy. I have no idea why the seocnd highest bidder bid so much as he doesn't seem to be a vintage calc guy or a Star Wars guy... Who knows...
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i fear for your mental health braks! :lol:

you have one hell of an eye for detail!!
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