501st CRL Helmet Detail Requirements


Hey all. I'm just ready to start my ESB Helmet paint job, and I will be going for 501st Level II approval.
I'm using Bobamaker Helmet and armor for my build.

The CRL states:
  • Helmet has a real or simulated crack on upper right cheek and closely matches visual reference.
For the life of me I can't see this crack in any reference pics. The Bobamaker helmet does not have a crack on the right cheek.

Also, WRT the detail in the back keyhole slots:
  • Circuit board is from an actual Casio MQ-1 calculator or direct replica.
The Bobamaker helmet has circuit board detailing visible in the keyslots, and from what I can tell from some ref pics, it looks like a casio circuit board. Does this count for Level II? Is the circuit board detail actually supposed to be a separate piece?
Should I grind out the back keyhole slots then install a replica board?
1) In terms of the crack it can be real (most hero helmets have retained the physical damage in the sculpt) or simulated which would be painting it into the helmet to make it appear there's a crack. The crack being reference I have circled below.


2) Since the casio mq-1 circuit board is built into the Boba Maker helmet it should be approvable for Level II.
Of course, I just checked my multitude of ref images and found this one of someone's build.
It clearly shows the required crack, but also a few more bordering the green cheek area, as well as some in the cheek. I think I will only do the required one.
Thanks Rafal!
While I have been researching the heck out of the armor and I am still learning more and more about the required details.
I am also finding it daunting as it is my first buikd and of course the details need to be right on this.
I'm planning on building mine as a basic "all encompassing" weathering option, if that makes sense. I find it's hard to settle on a specific scene in ESB, so I will just hit all the points required for CRL approval.

And Rafal, I'm glad you piped up in this post as I have a question concerning your armor stencils. Are the latest stencils located at this thread, or is there something more up to date? This thread dates from 2011 to 2016 timeframe.
Boba Fett ESB Armor Stencils


No new stencils for the armors. The only reason to redraw them would be if somehow we'll get some hi-res images of the armors (be it ESB, ROTJ or Pre-Pro/Promo) or the stencil won't fit correctly the screen accurate armor.
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