Question about in-helmet molded Casio MQ-1 Circuit board


New Hunter

I hope this isn't a repeat question, but from my research here and around the rest of the internet, I haven't seen the question posed, or therefore answered.

I'm about to finally start on my WF Fugly helmet. (It's only taken 2 years) The helmet has the Casio MQ-1 circuit board integrated into the mold as part of the keyslots. Is there a preference if it's better to leave that molding as-is or to carve it out and use an original circuit board or casting?

I'm leaning toward replacing it, but I don't want to do something that is the complete wrong solution.

As always, thank you all!
If you're able to trim it out and put a real one in go for it. I would make sure its gonna be a helmet that you will keep for a long time before you do it though in my opinion.

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