Fiberglass Helmet question

obi sean kenobi

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Just got my new fiberglass bucket in the mail. Im a little concerned though. The visor area has been cut out and one of the mandibles is pushed in - thus throwing off the shape of the whole t visor/eye area.

How do I re-position it? If I move it in too place it just snaps back into the pushed in/f*#%ed up position.

Thanks in advance,

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I had somewhat of a similar problem with a fiberglass helmet I had. However, once I put in the T-visor, it corrected the shape.


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Same here, once I put in the visor it was perfect. Maybe you should post a picture of your helmet so we can see how much the mandamble is off.

If that won´t help, you could cut out a small steel rod and but it inside the mandable. I had already bought be a small steel rod and I had cut it in the desired length, but in the end I didn´t have to use it because the visor corrected the shape.