The care and feeding of your Fett helmet


Here you go!
I have to slide it all the way to the front so the hatch can close but it fits.

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Especially fond of the little Mytho on top!

Edit: Maybe that belongs in the "taking care and feeding your helmet"... taking it out for a spin every once in a while so it will not get too lonely. :D

(DONT wear your helmet while driving, folks! And dont have the rangefinder up, when you close your convertible top :D )


I've only carried a helmet on a plane one time, but I did carry it in a soft sided helmet bag. It was fine.
I kept in on the floor in front of me between my feet.

Maybe people who transport their costumes more often for trooping events can chime in.
Thanks. Did you have to remove the range finder?


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Someone once did this video:

Wait, I just realized, that the helmet wasnt part of this, but I as a non-admin cannot delete it. The storage method still might be worth to look at.
DeathProof! That video is a classic. I still pack my kit tote this way. Haven’t seen him around here in a while. His WIP thread is also awesome. He had another video showing the steps he uses to get suited up.