ESB Fett. The Only Fett.

I think I am ready to hit my boots with workable fixatif and call them done. They honestly turned out better than I expected they would. I would love to get some constructive feedback on my first weathering job!

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I am curious because I am second guessing the placement, but for Machinecraft toe spikes, does the longest spike go on the inside of the boots or the outside?
Frankensteined my EE-3 scope today using an A.S.I. and Rhino scope. Swapped out the reticle and the accurate tall feet from the Rhino over to the better condition A.S.I.

I'm looking to paint up the snaps on my Delta ammo belt to match the belt color and weather yellow on the gloves. Any paint color recommendations?
I should be having a fun weekend. My order from Stormrider came in today!

3 piece Pulce 40, V2 Nemrod holster, and EE-3 sling.


My Arkady flight suit and vest also came in this week! Getting closer!

15290002951906476727185413552582.jpg 15290002748291122100251320100326.jpg
In the meantime, tonight I drove right into cleaning up the Pulce 40 parts, and sanding to prep for painting and assembly.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why the barrel won't fit into the pistol grip. I cracked the front loop in two trying to fit it in. :(

I used some JB Weld to hopefully fix it, but I am definitely a little frustrated at my mistake.


Jr Hunter
I got the Nemrod straps from Hobby Lobby..
My Pulce vendor sent me a disaster and the straps were really cheap rubber mess that I just replaced.
My Pulce also was a lot of work...
Thankfully it will likely never come out of the holster and looks kewl in it...
How'd the sidearm and holster come out? The casts look like they were fun to clean up.

I'm still working on cleaning up the parts. Haven't had much time to work on them this week. I got most of the Pulce sanded down, just need to finish sanding a resin form on the bottom of the pistol grip.

It's my first time working with resin, so I cracked the front loop on the pistol grip trying to fit the barrel. Repaired it with JB Weld. Gonna soak the grip in hot water tomorrow night (thanks for the advice Jb) and give it another go and hopefully insert the barrel without breaking anything. Then try and get it painted before the weekend.

The strap was missing from the holster in the shipment but Stormrider is kind enough to be sending me a replacement.
Attempted to soak my pistol grip in hot water for a while before attempting to insert the barrel. It worked better but it still cracked the back end apart. I took my dremel and cut the rest off.


I JB Welded the pieces back on, and once it sets I will use some bondo to fill the gap at the top and the gap in the front loop. Talk about a crash course in working with resin. Hopefully the lines won't really be noticable after painting and weathering is done.
Got a parcel in from Machinecraft today!

Copper gauntlet rocket, hollow rangefinder stalk, and jetpack greeblies!


Dakota and Holly have been an absolute pleasure to deal with every time. You two are awesome!
It's been awhile since I updated my thread. My order from Sidewinder came in the other day!

I requested an EFX kit for light and sound as well. Amazing prop. Red light and sound work great. I replaced the non-functional scope with an ASI scope, mounted backwards of course. And I tied on a sling from Jbdubz.


I want to weather and make personal touches to it as well. I feel like the body should be much darker? I will likely replace the stock with a wooden stock with real greeblies to add a bit of weight as it is very light.

It was totally worth the wait and it kind of feels like a late Christmas present. Then again my birthday was last week. Who knows. lol

I love it Simon. Cheers and thanks again!
Received ESB Hero Armor from WF today. Looks great! Unfortunately due to shipper handling, a corner of the back plate cracked.

Should I see about replacing it or is this fixable?

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