DC-15sws (Sniper Weapon System)


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Behold! My Creation!
When up close and personal just wont due...



That is the rough construction. I have to secure the mounting points, and bondo the gaps and cleaned up some stuff. I will repaint and post the completed pics this weekend.
Enjoy! Man I wish this thing was real!!!!!!
Wicked looking! I like the bi-pod especially. 8) I also like what looks like an ammo pouch on the butt of the rifle. Good work! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Very nice job without question! And the best thing about it is that it's a one of a kind, I assume anyway...I was starting to look into doing a Barrett sniper rifles muzzle brake, which it looks like you crafted a similar one as well. What did you make it from and could you possibly show some close up pics of the muzzle? Once I get it done I have to design a stock for it, which should be tricky as I'm drawing a blank as far as coming up with an original design...Anyway, great job-can't wait to see the next one!

that looks like something I saw on the history channel.. that show with the dude that used to be a navy seal or something. He goes around checking out all the new military stuff.
It looks fantstic! But can you put a pic of you holding it, or something, to get a size comparison? I know it's to scale, but those pics make it look like it's for a figurine :facepalm
Is that an AR15/M16 pistol grip on it? Seems familiar to me as I think I'd bid on one on Ebay for my AR15 some years ago...Great looking blaster, I'm certainly impressed with it!

No, it's more like the grip on the Naboo blaster pistol, thing. Alot of sport/competition pistols use it, and even some precision rifles too. There's an airsoft rifle on ebay that has it. Unless of course your AR15 has that, and that's just a real badass AR15 :cheers
Some people do have that grip on their Armalites. Though I believe the grip as well as the stock came from a PSG-1.
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