Counterweight's Second ROTJ Cardboard Scratch Build


Not entirely sure what you mean by growl, but no it's not powered the whole time. I use the two switches on the right gauntlet to operate it. The rear switch is flipped until the stalk is all the way down, then the switch is flipped back to the off position. The front switch is then flipped to move the stalk back up, and then is also flipped back to its off position. Hope that answers your question. I can do another video if that didn't make sense.

Makes perfect sense. I think the switch idea on the gauntlet is a really cool idea!
Finally got the Borden connector! Took about a month to get here


Drilled out the hole for it


Then just positioned it how I liked it and hotglued the back



The helmet is done!


I plan on still adding another fan and a voice amp, but that will just happen eventually.

Thanks to everyone for all the tips, help, and advice. Couldn't have done it without this site.

If anyone is interested in the rest of the build from here on out, it can be found here