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Hello to all the Fett's. I am brand new to these boards and have seen alot of people having problems with shaping there chest armor as Boba's has a curved appearance, and the flat look just doesnt look right.

I stumbled on something by accident when I went bowling with my Dad and had an idea of heating my sintra armor and pressing it over the round part of the ball.

I used to 12 pound bowling ball and heated the plastic just enough so i could roll it over and form it slowly as the ball is still to small to form it exactly around the shape of the ball, but it is a hard round surface to work with.

I wish I had the means to post the results, but I think it came out ok.

Cool idea. I'm making aluminum armor so more than likely I think I might have to make some kind of press in order to shape it.

Good luck


Here is the super duper Sintra shaper tip... Do you, a parent or a friend own a bread maker? Get a big pot. Boil water. Cover bread maker with saran wrap and a towel. Dip sintra pieces into hot water until curling. Lay on maker and press. The curvature is great to shape specific pieces. Good luck!
does sintra really work though? because somebody told me that it didn't look or bend right... where can i even buy sintra????

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You can bend it, its really easy, however building up the cup appearance is difficult. Some use bondo to get a more dished shape, but eventually I steered away from the Sintra path.
I put my Sintra peices in the oven.. after about 5-10 in 50 degree Centigrade the edges of the sintra begin to flex upwards (why it does this i have no clue) but at this point its soft enough to bend but ard enough to give you some resistance. I then picked up the peices (with gloves) and placed it on my chest and i bent the edges a bit..
Works really well... oh.. and i use an electrical oven.. don't know how it would work with a gas oven..
Here is a pic of my armor
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