My Mini Me Jango Build


I've been working on my 5 year old's Jango Fett for a few months now. I made the armor using syntra. Once I get my vacformer, I'll probably redo it... possibly even make some cold casts for kids. I figure at 5 years old... I can build as he grows and I'll have a few different sizes.

I got a mold of his body by wrapping him up with saran wrap and duct taping him. Using trauma sheers (rounded tip) I cut the wrap off of him and taped it back together. Stuffed a blanket inside it and boom... got a pretty good working size. Cut some mando armor using paper, plain and simple.

I made the molds for the syntra using some thick pieces of wood. I cut them to shape, sanded them down to form a more rounded natural look. 275 degrees in the oven over the mold and the syntra just drops. I cut the slits on the chest using my laser engraver.
part0 copy 8.jpg part0 copy 7.jpg v+mJodLESsyPB85y%khJ0A.jpg feuUpDVQRh23aaAM2kbz1A.jpg

Can I get a pat on the back?

The leather vest was a breeze since I've made one for myself for my Jango suit, all I had to do was make a mini version. Yes it includes the screen accurate non visible stitching, with trim. If you know anything about kids... they've got the biggest heads. On my Jango vest, the top of the shoulder comes apart so that I can slide my head into it. I thought I'd do the same for my son, but even with the shoulder open, I couldn't get his head to fit. So basically the entire left side of his suit completely comes apart with velcro.
IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0735.JPG a4Gy7ML5QHSgCZ7CmdUHQg.jpg ZJnL4DyqRvaiVMyJNw4rdQ.jpg rPgq3yPYTxuaSwsGKGgQhQ.jpg

He's lookin good! Mini flight suit and all.

More leather. If you know anything about the Jango pouches... the sides of them curve inward. I basically used more wood molds and wrapped the wet leather around it to form its shape. After everything was formed, I stained them using leather dye from Tandy. The bolo braid is 5mm thick and laid them down on some left over leather.
part0 copy 5.jpg part0 copy 6.jpg part0 copy 4.jpg part0 copy 2.jpg part0 copy 3.jpg part0 copy.jpg

And here is what I have so far.

I'm currently printing some miniature Westar 34s. Once those are done, I'll mold the leather holsters and get his leg armor attached to them. I still have to finish his helmet which is also a 3D print that I had to remodel because the vents on the back were not correct. But so far all of it is coming together. His flight suit is also dyed blurple. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do his stubby jetpack because anything out there, whether its made of fiberglass or plastic is probably gonna be too heavy for him. So that's still on the drawing board. He'll probably have the most screen accurate Jango Fett costume out there on a 5 year old once I'm done. If you'd like to follow along, you can follow me on my instagram at thebboyfett.


Wow!!! Looks amazing man! I made my son a holiday special Boba out of foam for SWCC. Need to start a syntra one for him.


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Top dad award goes to you......... I would love a set when you get the former for my boy. I may be able to source a helmet.


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I finally finished my son’s Jango fett costume. Everything was made by me except his underwear, shoes, and socks. I was literally working on this until 1030pm last night just so he can wear it today at San Diego Comic Con. This was definitely a labor of love and I hope it shows.

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AMAZING work my friend! Great meeting you this weekend.....I was the one taking pics of the Hasbro lid ; )....


AMAZING work my friend! Great meeting you this weekend.....I was the one taking pics of the Hasbro lid ; )....
Hey what’s up! Yes great meeting you. I ended up preordering that lid. I mean, for $120... can’t beat it. It’s no FPH2 or GMH bucket... but it’ll have to do until I can come up with like $1500+ for a perfect one.