Bronze Webley replica UPDATE 2/15!

Hand Schaub

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Presenting the protype bronze MK1No1 Webley flare gun! I know this is a project that many are interested in so I'll just get to the details. And yes - I know the pictures suck... my birthday is in several days so anyone who wishes to send me a better digicam is welcomed :)





* It's cast in three separate pieces so it has a 'working' load feature. I still have to get the proper screws and springs to make it work smoothly.
* It weighs 6 pounds - less than the original due to the handle being completely hollow. (The handle is welded and cleaned up on the stock bracket side)
* The stock is a replica by Chrima
* The barrel is being re-molded because my original mold produced waxes that require too much clean up. the new molding will expedite production and ultimately make the mechanics work better.


* Size is nearly identical to original. (pic shows handle of original due to the barrel being molded)

Anyway... let me know what you think. It still has a bit of a way to go before being ready to finish up as a blaster.

I have had many inquiries about the availability of these. Yes they will be openly available (seeing how it is only a gun replica and not a prop). But I still have work on the mold and I wish to get an 'x' amount of waxes ready to go so I wont be rushed to produce them.

Thanks for looking!!
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#1 on the list!!! Excellent work man, you'll be the one to practically arm us all with "almost" the real thing! PM me with any further details. ;)
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I too have seen this first hand and it is great and that was even before any of the clean up.

Looking good Brian, can’t wait to see this again at the Sac prop party.
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Fan-freakin-tastick!!! This will end my worries about the FINAL touch for my ESB Fett :) Keep us posted.

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Sac prop party...I'm assuming you're referring to the one at RPF that's been trying to get going for quite some time...

I'm not going to be able to make it, can do a day time event, but not evening. Be spending that time w/ my family.

But, I'm curious, where do you guys live? I live in Dixon...

take care,

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Sweet! The perfect weapon for the discerning and stylish Bounty Hunter with loads of cash to burn. :D

Nice work!
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I'm probably going to get shot for asking this, but WHY is it Bronze?

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Hand-Schaub wrote:

Because I work in a bronze foundry...

Ohhhhh! I thought it might have been some variation of the blaster I wasn't aware of. :lol:

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Pantera wrote:

What kind of price are we talking?If you don't mind me asking.

Not really... I posted on the RPF as well and even though I'm not ready to sell I will be asking $285 plus shipping for the full webley (I'll be looking into rings for the sling). or $220 for a rough casting (clean up is up to you but welding is included)

The barrel mold is still two weeks off (I can only get in the shop for so long a day) and it will be at least a month before I get any castings at all so I ask for your patients.

But with that being said I've decided to take an interest poll so I get an idea what I have to start with. Please e-mail at: and let me know (it's easier to keep track of that way) And please let me know if you're writing from TDH or RPF

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Just thought I would inform the group that these are well on thier way! I'll be casting them through December and January and should have some finished products by then as well.
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Any chance of getting one without the stock and bracket? No really, this is a serious question.
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Dang thats nice looking. *note to self: do good in school so get a good job so get lots of money so can buy webley* nice job on the webleys!!!
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