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Taking a little break from the helmet to work on my Airmarshal aluminum EE3 kit. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with this kit, and Chris was super helpful when I had questions during the assembly. I’ve always dreamed of building up a real Webley flaregun, but dealing with US gun auctions and importing it into Canada has always been too daunting. On top of that, I don’t think I or my mannequin could handle the weight! Airmarshal’s kit was a big purchase but it was definitely worth it for me.


Aluminum Webley, barrel mounts, scope mounts, and molex connectors from Airmarshal
Replica stock plugs, V8 piston rods and round greeblies from Sidewinder
Unimax switch replica from RafalFett Shapeways print in red tinted plastic
Vintage ASI 4x20 from Frogman11 (on the way)
Leather strap from Amazon
Replica MPP tube from...I forget? Borrowed from my hyperfirm gun until my Roman Props replica arrives.

Assembly was pretty straightforward, I just had to be mindful of de-burring and polishing the moving parts so that all the mechanisms worked properly.

Aluminum parts were treated with Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black, and the steel parts (trigger and hammer) with Super Blue. I’ll be doing some touch up but I’m happy with the look so far. I’ll probably grime it up some some more with some acrylic washes.

I'll paint the greeblies and scope assembly matte black and a misted with Archive X "Weathered Black", but it was important to me that the greeblies match the colours of the original parts as closely as possible so that they weather accurately. Sidewinder made the stock plugs in a lovely off-white and the piston rods a light grey, and as far as I know the circular parts are still a mystery but I like the cold-cast tint that he went with.


Not much to say about the safety switches other than they look great and I'm pleased to have them printed in red plastic.


Barrel mounts painted with self-etching primer and light grey primer, and scope mounts were topped with gloss black.
Instead of tinting the molex connectors black, I went with red because of this post on RPF that points out what appears to be a reddish colour showing through the paint. I used Rit Dyemore “Racing Red”, and while I’d have preferred more of an orange tint, this will do for now.

Once the scope arrives I'l do some painting, replicating the scratches as best I can, and then assembling it all. Stay tuned...


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