Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)


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Those gloves came out great!

Also, let me know how the printed dental expander comes out! I want one too!

Thanks! I think they came out solid. They've gotten a tad lighter as they dried and even strunk a tad. Just a matter of the over all look once the quilting goes on

[Expander] Im interested on the one on Shapways. They did my sling gun attachments and they came out solid. You would never think it was printed. But Im curious to see how they do with the expander- such a tiny part. I'll be sure to let you know how it comes out


Hi I’m Bobert!
Im interested on the one on Shapways. They did my sling gun attachments and they came out solid. You would never think it was printed. But Im curious to see how they do with the expander- such a tiny part. I'll be sure to let you know how it comes out

Yeah, let me know! I think they're around $20 a pop?


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Dental expander
I'm curious to see how the dental expander turns out too.
Yeah, let me know! I think they're around $20 a pop?

I pulled the trigger on the 3D printed expander today, toolguy301's model, printed by shapways. Decided to go with polished gold steel color. I'll do a review once it comes.

Glove Update
After a couple days of dying the gloves, I redyed the gloves as I felt the brown looked more on the red/pink side rather than cocoa brown. Hoping they turn out better.

**1st shot at dying the gloves. Appears red/pink to comparison.

The gloves this time around came out a bit darker but hard to tell how they will turn out as they're still drying.

Jet pack greeblie
Excited to have another real part on deck for this build. Just needs some red- thanks Cameron!


To be continued...


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Small log entry

Glove dye results (after 2nd attempt)

Finally happy with the base brown on these...achieved a proper cocoa brown appearance. Looking into quilting material

JC Light Kit test

TF rf kit paired with Jc's light kit. Had to heavily alter the GMH ear to get it in but it works great.
(Black tape on the ear is temporary)

RF Stalk/borden by MachineCraft | Paint by Fett 4 Real |
Cold Cast Ears by Wasted Fett | Jc27 Light kit | terminal fettler RF kit​

Next hopefully:

- Finally calling the helmet done once I install the MQ-1 board and touch a couple areas up.
- Glove progress
- Maybe a air compressor to start painting.
-Jump suit / Jet pack kit
-Create PP-2 dents in armor

To be continued...
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Glenn Ross Dental expander
rnbuda tennantlim

The expander arrived put it simply I'm beyond happy with it. For $22 you get the best option next to the actual expander itself. When I took it out of the package and saw the luster of the surface, I thought it was the real deal. Very smooth, well done and solid. Feels like metal, even the weight.

More info in the video:
Modeled by toolguy | Printed by Shapeways
Glenross Dental Expander by toolguy301 on Shapeways

Out of curiosity, after the video I took a magnet to it and it actually stuck to the magnet.
Next projected updates:

- Finally calling the helmet done once I install the MQ-1 board and touch a couple areas up.
- Glove progress
- Maybe a air compressor to start painting.
-Jump suit / Jet pack kit
-Create PP-2 dents in armor

To be continued...


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That looks really good. Probably needs a little sanding to even out the surface. But otherwise it looks like it'll do the trick. Thank you for the update bro.


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Helmet ✔

This is probably the last log for the helmet as Im calling it done at this point!

Threw in the MQ1 board with some grey paint on the front. Honeywell has been secured in place with a tab of E6000 incase it needs to be removed.

Need to hit a small scrape from when I was installing the borden connector but other than that, its scratched off the list.


Gloves - hand/fingure pads

The gloves have been a sore in my side for a couple weeks now. I kept going back n forth, testing different fabrics, with the base coat dye for the gloves to see how things got tinted.

Alas, I think Ive found a good match that Im satisfied with after staring at the references in contemplation for a while.

Here's what I did and may it serve as a guide so you can make your own Pre Pro 2 gloves.

  • I found some white polyester at the fabric store. To me, the pre pro 2 glove padding appear have a shine to it. I couldn't find a cream or off white which would have been better.
  • Once I got it home, I filled my painters bucket with hot water, added a table spoon of liquid cocoa brown dye. Added a dash of salt, then added the poly and moved it around inside for a good 30mins.
  • Somewhere in between the 30mins, I added half a table spoon of powder cocoa brown dye and moving the fabric around more.
  • Once 30mins was up, I gave the poly a gentle wash in the sink with coldish water, no soap. Then back in for ~10mins.
  • Once they dried, I got some chocolate brown paint and gave the pieces a acrylic wash to tint it a bit more topically.
As the acrylic washed settled, I took to creating my template for the glove pad. Decided to do the top hand pad first since it was the biggest. I just free handed from eye, using the outline of the army patch to measure the pads width (ignore the stitch guides you see).


^***note: To me, the same template can be used for the left pad, which is not as long as the right. After looking at the references, it did not appear to me to have to flip the template over to mirror. The actual PP2 gloves appear to have the top left angle on the top left on both hands, with the rounded curve on the top right.
For the backing, I took some solid black out lining for curtains which were darkish cream in color and sewed the polyester from earlier on it with brown stitching.

***color of the poly (left) doesnt show up well in this pic. My good camera needs to charge.

Using the patches as my guide for the stitch lines, the lines cross under the pads at certian angles in my reference. So I replicated best I could.

Heres the almost finished result:

**camera qauilty is effecting the shine and color. Will likely show a better pic next update. Looks creamy/brown tint in person.

I used a iron to shape and fold thr excess polyester to the bottom. Right now I think Im going to sew the patches on & hopefully see if it keeps the extra fabric at bay as I hope it gives the padding some slight puff look.

To be continued...
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Small left flamer update

Saw this red cord in a bundle. I had to have it.

Here's a rough fit:


I was very picky with this part as most of the electrical cords I discovered didn't maintain shape and creased/wrinkled when bent. Nor did they have solid looking gauge aesthetic.

To be continued...
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Flamer Rod (Again.....)

I completely rebuilt the flamer unit this past weekend. The previous I felt wasn't made with trooping in mind. As in, if the nozzle got stanged and yanked, the aluminium tubing would bind a bit under preasure.

To prevent this Ive reinforced the extendable tube and as well replaced the base tube with a slightly thicker piece.

Im beyond happy with it now


To be continued...


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Pre Pro 2 Armor Dent Creation

I wanted to go the extra mile to try to mimic the dent scheme the best I could. However the thought of taking heat to your pricey raw abs armor can be very intimidating. I started with the smaller dents first and worked around to the more awkwardly shaped ones like the curly one on the right shoulder bell.

There isn't really a easy way to explain how to control the shape making aspect. To put it simply, you have to gradually heat underneath the surface. I used open flame oppose to a heat gun since I was concentrating on small areas. I still have some dents left to make on the knees and collar but they are simple ones.





To be continued...


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Hope all is well- It's been right at a month since the last update.

Following up on the previous post, I finished forming the PP-2 style dents on the knee guards which finished off the remainder of the dent making process for the hardparts. Going to look over the references once more and be sure I didn't miss any smaller details. But over all I'm pleased with how it turned out- couldn't be happier.

In terms of other parts of this build, some exciting updates for parts have come together.

Flak vest

You all I'm sure know batninja work; I was fortunate enough to secure a spot on his retirement run. I have a spare vest in the same size I got sometime ago for my ESB build however I missed it up. I figure I'm going to put it to use and use it as a practice vest to mount the armor on correctly before doing the attachment method I want (Grommet/screw) for the finished build.

Misc found parts; Kaiser gun, JP greeblies updates

The Kaiser sling gun has easily become my favorite Fett blaster and found part of this build. Through vigilance, I sourced a Kaiser unit with a original proper orange trigger oppose to the black variant. I'm curious to why they went from doing black to orange but then I thought it was probably done that way to show it wasn't a real gun, like how they do on toy guns for kids.

In addition, the stock has an mint strap with a nice shine to it. This stock likely won't be trooped with, but kepted for collection.


Underneath the jetpack are some greeblies I'm sure most of you know about. Although no one will ever see them, we nerds appreciate the fact they're there. In addition to the blue (which will be changed to red) greeblie, I was able to source a ITT Cannon 5 hole adapter with the help of tennantlim.


Flamer Build. V6

This flamer has been an obsession of mine since I started trying to replicate it. The goal is to make it as accurate to the Kenner references as possible, made with mostly metal parts to look and feel like an actual weapon.

As seen in my previous mock-ups, a plastic nylon end-cap is used at the tip of the base pipe. I have gone away from it and changed it to a copper cap that I have modified using a dremel tool. The cap will eventually changed to a goldish color to match references. I'm unsure of the shape of the cap however, it is for sure metal.

I switched to MachineCraft brand copper-tipped missile. Compared to the original, this thing is so light it compliments the goal of making a light left gauntlet set up well. The base pipe has also been switched back to the aluminum for aesthetic matching.

Lastly, Jb Dubz and I quested to find the actual parts to the rear greeblies of the piping. After much search and speculation, Jb discovered the body portion of the greeblie. With his lead, I was able to track down the attachment atop of the hex bolt, as well as the nut to the very end of the left that closest to the pipe. The details of these parts, including part #, will be shared in time once the CRL is complete and all the details are verified. It was a partnership effort to find and I thank Jb & Art Andrews very much for helping me to make this the best flamer it can be.



To come:

>Bobamaker Jetpack kit and gauntlet parts arriving soon.
>Flight suit ordered, made by Arkady. Will likely be dyed by me to achieve proper color.
>Continued search for flamer parts.
>Paint work.

To be continued...


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Bobamaker Jetpack kit and gauntlets

A supply dropped from the legend himself. Beautifully crafted, prepped and primed. I'm leaning towards painting the jetpack myself...we'll see. I think it'll be a fun experience.


Misc. Updates

I'm going to repaint the Kaiser telescope holder and under barrel attachment to try and fix a texture issue.

(No photo)

To be continued...


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It's been a while since the last entry, done some things but nothing worthy of posting about or wanted to wait till I had some content to post.

Misc. update: RafalFett 3D parts (Kaiser)
As mentioned previously, I was going to repaint the Kaiser Telescope holder and under barrel attachment to fix the rough texture aesthetic.
I used primer filler (two coats), then lightly wet sanded with 600 grit and finally applied the black. It looks much better now and uniform with the texture of the Kaiser parts.


Vinyl belt:
As some of you know, Fett's belt was made from faux leather. To reach more accuracy, I reluctantly went this route rather than real leather, which I prefer due to dexterity. I was fortunate enough to get on woodman's run sometime last year and it arrived yesterday after some delays he was dealing with. Overall, I'm surprised by the feeling, thickness and construction of vinyl. All it needs now is a proper staining.

Gloves Re-do:
The gloves seen earlier (by Rothco) have been retired and I switched to Dent's brand which are overall a better quality of cotton and construction. These have been dyed using the same method I used that I wrote out in that post above (post #89). The quilting is still being worked out as I've tried dying/tinted different materials without any success.

I'm also experimenting with an aesthetic to make the fingers puff like they do in the real Pre Pro 2 gloves. Currently I've only done it with the thumb seen below. I simply used a sliver of foam, but the problem I'm having it getting the fingers in as it can be a challenge to move your finger around with the foam in there.


Comming soon
- Flight suit from Arkady.
- The gauntlets.
- Finishing the flamer unit.

To be continued...


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Progress, slowly but surely...

Flight suit arrival/Right gauntlet

The flight suit, spats, pouches and neck seal came from Arkady - I'm pleased with how they fit and the quality. The next part is adding the splits in the sleeves at some point, then of course...dying. Which is the one thing I'm not looking forward to for this build.

So the right gauntlet is here. It's a stormtrooperguy print; printed, resined and fiberglassed by my good friend Dr Jones here on the TDH. It came out superb.

**Flak is batninja

Jet pack greeblie trinity

I was lucky enough to score an actual BNC connector (with screws) like the one used on the PP2 pack itself. Thanks Boba Phett - This makes all 3 greeblies found parts for the pack!

Coming soon...
Flight suit/soft part dying
- Armor painting performed by Jb Dubz
- Acquiring girth belt
- Revised left gauntlet topper
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