Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)


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Hello Dentoids,

I've decided to start another Fett build and I settled on attempting to emulate the Pre. Pro. #2 & would like to start a WiP thread as suggested by RafalFett. Something about the Pre-Pro 2, at least to me, is just flat out cool. Being of similar build (6'1, 150lbs) as the model in the photo shoot, I think I can do this grand-father suit justice.


Although I have much homework still to do in regards to the PP-2, my plan is to knock the 'awkward' parts out of the way first. What I mean by awkward pieces includes the Sling Gun (Kaiser Camera Shoulder Stabilizer w/ hand telescope), gloves and left gauntlet flamer.



For the Sling gun, I've been looking for actual found parts, but with no luck so far. With that said, I may resort to 3D printing (the future is now!). Some parts, at least, I'll be able to convert over from my ESB build; such as the scuba tank harness for the jet pack, shin tools, and maybe the flak vest.

This is going to be a long process, and will be put on a pause soon due to moving to a new house. Further, I greatly appreciate the hard work of RafalFett and the time he has dedicated to researching details for this community. If I use another Pre Pro 2 build thread as reference as well, I will give credit where credit is due.

Will be back soon...

Image credit: RafalFett., 2013


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One of the stepping stones for this build arrived yesterday, which was a GMH by FP (paint progress by sith steve ). This was up for grabs in the cargo hold so I jumped on it after messaging the seller in regards to details about it and what not. I'm currently researching colors and air brush options, as well as superjedi for advice. Here are some photos:

With the guidance of jbdubz , I made a To Buy list to get the reminder parts for this helmet. For the ears, I've reached out to Skyfire; MachineCraft for RF stalk, and I'm undecided on the RF topper for right now. The visor will more than likely be from; specifically the Deluxe version.


Lastly, a small detail to the PP-2 I found hidden away is the patches for the gloves. Of course, I'll have to change them to that vintage brown as they appear in the reference photos.



I'm following this with great interest, the pre-pro 2 colors are so awesome. It's crazy to me that it feels like we have more high quality pictures of the pre-pro 2 Fett than we do ESB or ROTJ.


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I'm following this with great interest, the pre-pro 2 colors are so awesome. It's crazy to me that it feels like we have more high quality pictures of the pre-pro 2 Fett than we do ESB or ROTJ.
Yea that blew my mind too! Some of the photos achieved on this sight have some extreme resolution


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My apologize if this has been cited in another WiP thread or research post, I've only glanced at a few Pre Production build threads to get an idea of what I'm getting into. I'm using this to dump & log my thoughts. But please feel free to dump the truth on me if I state something wrong or if something has already be said before,.

Today during mother's day lunch, my brother and I were talking about Pre Pro 2 Fett, specifically Fett's Left Flamer. The flamer itself reminds me of automobile parts bashed together, and my brother, being an ex-combat engineer & working with different parts in his time, pointed out that the flamer rod itself resembles ratchet extensions connected together. The vertical red lines represent were you can make out the connectors. However, pointed out by jbdubz , we can see the flamer can be retracted as seen in the second photo. To simulate this retractable feature, maybe taking a child's umbrella & somehow modding it, & integrating it into the flamer...


Moving on the the green and purple greeblies, the green could be some sort of grease cup from a automobile, or some sort of bike are some images I found online that could mimic these parts. The first image I ran across that sparked the idea, and to another google search, was this image of a Ford Model T Rear Axle Grease Cup.

...This lead me to look further into more modern parts that served this purpose, and that's when I stumbled across mountain bike parts that served the same purpose & would be the perfect size for something like this. (Mountain bike axle with cone attached; Part H)

As you can see, part H mimics the green circle part well. Here's another picture:

As for the purple, my brother pointed out it looks like some sorts of grease fittings are thrown in to the mix. I haven't researched much images on those yet.

Feel free to comment your thoughts.

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Today, my visor from T-visor arrived. The visor itself is very nice; curved and ready to install. However the vertical view-out, I feel, is a little wide in comparison to the PP2 reference photos so I'm more than likely going to take it in with a Dremel sanding wheel and then use a finer sand grit to smooth the edges. Here's some visuals from my phone camera. I took a close up and a far away one from ~10ft away:

Secondly, I would like some opinion on this helmet's paint job...I've been looking at air brushes and I'm bent on getting a Iwata Eclipse. Based on the higher res photos in thread post #2, do you think I should change the green to something a little darker?

I ordered armor from Wasted Fett (FP Hero sized to exact) and some GMH ears & rest of the helm components to finish it off. Will update when they get here


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Not a noteworthy update today in regards to the PP-2 costume; however, I made the jump today and purchased a Iwata Eclipse from Hobby Lobby with their 40% coupon and saved a chunk of change. The GMH helmet in the pics will more than likely get a good sanding and be repainted through the course of this WiP. It's a little nerve racking to think I'm going to be trying this, but I want to learn how to paint Fett helmets. When you consider the community here, and the guides archived, you can conjure the confidence to easily to slay the beast.



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I'm delighted to break the silence with my first found part...however, this will probably be the last log until the actual piece arrives. A good friend of mine in Germany who frequents antique stores every other day was kind enough to be on the look out for a Kaiser (A German camera brand) part for the sling gun. Specifically the stock portion of the blaster.



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I know I said previously I was going to take a break, but this is to good not to share...

Last night before I went to bed, the voice inside my head said to glance at ebay one more time for the day. To my surprise, a Kaiser pistol grip was listed for a decent price & condition. It must just posted up cause I use the same key words for my searches

With the Kaiser stock and grip in route, Im now motivated further to attempt to locate a Tasco handscope to make it all true to the actual pre production gun in those regards.





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Nice research this will help with my PP1 build hopefully I can get it done by celebration. As for the pistol I will not be accurate and I will rock the ESB rifle lol


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Nice research this will help with my PP1 build hopefully I can get it done by celebration. As for the pistol I will not be accurate and I will rock the ESB rifle lol
If you know a 3D printer, you could have one printed out, but nothing wrong with the ESB EE-3! The best one in my opinion


Sling gun part update: Vigilance and patience has paid off again this week. I'm excited to share with you all that I have secured a Tasco Model 1Y. Just praying everything arrives in one piece from.

I'm thinking on making a video to do a showcase on these parts if you all would enjoy that.
s-l225.jpg 32253549_503153060082952_5116740680282013696_n.jpg

So as of now, the found parts include:
- Kaiser Shoulder Stock (not shipped yet)
- Kaiser Pistol Grip (should be here this coming Monday)

Some armor from the legendary Wasted Fett will be arriving next week as well
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This will probably be the last update for about 3 to 4 weeks due to moving to a new home.

Kaiser handle arrived, as well as the Tasco Scope..super stoked to have these in hand finally.

Arriving recently as well is Hero sized armor from Wastedfett, including the ear components for the GMH helm.


The Kaiser shoulder stablizer is still working its way here.
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Things are settling down now with the move and slowly refocusing on the Pre Pro build. Decided to do a vid for this update to show off my first (really the second) found part, and might do more vid style posts every other update to sorta switch things up a bit.


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Spent the remainder of a rainy day starting the weathering process for the boots using the wonderful PP-2 photos in the gallery.

First, knocking out the spikes by eyeballing the black patch on the right spike plate. I outlined the general shapes with a black gel pen by tapping the tip on the metal surface. Then, with a fine tip brush slowly applied the black. The metal really makes it pop! Lastly, I took the metal tip of a mechanical pencil to fine tune the shapes.

Afterwards, I layerd some Ivory white on the side portions of the canvas near the leather tubes to mimic the white showing underneath the black. Once I get my air compressor, I'll mist some brownish red on the sides.


Other updates:

RafalFett was generous to seperate the reminder of the Sling gun parts to get 3D printed via Shapeways. Those should be here soon.

Shipping the GMH helm off to Fett 4 Real to get a proper paint finish. Super stoked to see the job unfold
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Today the RafalFett models printed by shapeaways arrived. Im blown away at the details and quality of the print. They are really solid and feel amazing.


As we speek, these parts are being fitted and Im reviewing the references for proper placement for the greeblies. As well as a bit of sanding to get the port holes open a bit to fit the under barrel attachment on.


Here's a look of what it looks like thus far on the genuine Kaiser parts


More pics to come!