Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)


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That was fast! The sling gun looks great! Here's a good shot of the 2 greeblies:
Thanks for that photo Rafal! I wasn't sure which orientation those two were in. My references wern't clear enough.

The only issue I had with getting the Tasco to work with the upper shroud is the black eye cover. It had to come off and I tried and tried every possible method to hopefully skrew it off but it wouldn't nudge before finally resorting to the metal cutting wheel on the dremel.


I suspect the Tasco body is made from some sort of aluminum or stainless steal but it wasn't bad to cut. And it confirmed that it couldnt be screwed off as there was no threading on the inside.

First, I cut the black piece off at the base then another ~1.5 inch off the remaining and bam. If I would have sanded to thin the insert port, I would have made the plastic uncomfortably thin but the scope rest in the cradle snugged.




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This is a fantastic work in progress. Following with great interest!
Thank you Marshall!

Some more work on the parts this evening. Primed the attachments for some paint after sanding then with 400 - 600 grit to get them nice and smooth.

While those do there thing, I hit the tasco up with some redish brown under tone & flat black from rattle can.


Almost complete sling gun coming soon


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Sling gun is about 95% finished now. I still need to add the iron site and the side greeblies, and paint the prongs on the under barrel silver. Also added the left barrel scar as seen on the photo shoot references. Overall, I'm very very pleased with how this weekend project turned out and can't wait to add the finishing details. Oh and I need to paint the trigger button orange. Thankfully the grip is simple to take apart and get it isolated.

More to come



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Thanks guys! Got iron site & side greeblies on now. Wanted to add the silver to the metal stock today but it is too humid with the rain we just had. So I'll probly just fix some spots on the boots and trim the WF kit.

Also going to determine the best color to make the trigger orange/red. Thankfully its easy to isolate it buy unscrewing the handle.


Here's a peak of the helmet getting a professional do over by Fett 4 Real - be sure to follow him on social media for some sick paint projects he works on.


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Bit of a small update for the boots- added the hint of brown to mimic the references. I masked off the soles and aimed for the tape & let the mist hit the base of the canvas. Also redid the black stripe with white undertone. Im thrilled with how they turned out- but its weird how the light plays with them


Also tried out an aluminum color for the Kaiser stock rod



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Hey hunters,

It's been a bit since the last update. A few things, I've decided I'ma redo the boots as the weathering is too dark and orange looking in comparison to the references photos. Furthermore, majority of the armor pieces are ready for paint which will fun to update on. That won't really happen until I get a compressor and when helmet gets here from Dom (Fett 4 Real). Check out his social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to see the transformation it has undergone, and more of his outstanding work!

Lastly, the Pre-Pro 2 CRL draft has been posted on the BHG! Head on over and read some of the details!
You can find it here

See you soon
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I saw the helmet on his Instagram! It's beautiful, very jealous!
It's truly a piece of art! Fett 4 Real nailed the exact details I was hoping to see on the finished product. So again to Dom, a HUGE thank you for taking this on. And a big thanks to jbdubz for his eye for detail and hawk eye-like abilities to nab down on the gritty details!

Speaking of the helmet, it's finally here in hand and wanted to post some up close and personal shots of the piece. Featuring cold cast ears from Wasted Fett , real dental files from 01Hawk , add great detail bits of detail that compliment everything else. The main aesthetic that was wanted so bad was the blueish grey aura present on the forehead that gently touches the outer edge of the dent; also a mist spot is also present on the left cheek. It really pulls everything together



The next bit of details I plan to add soon is a light unit in the rf topper, as well as a metal 3 hole borden connector.

Boots, round 2:

After staring at the boots over the course of a couple weeks, I've decided to redo them as I felt the grey was too dark and the orange too strong. They're still going through a rework presently but here they are as of now. I had to test a couple greys but finally settled on one. Still testing different oranges as well to get that weathering right. Furthermore, I hit the white spots on the left boot with some weathering poweder, as there seem to be heavily present more so than the right in the reference pictures.

To be continued...
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