Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)


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I really love a good PP2 and this is very very promising! Fantastic work by Dom and excited to see it all come together!


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Sling Gun:

After a good but of searching when I find the time to, I wanted to find a metal greeblie that mimics the prongs on the under barrel attachment. The left one appears to a good bit of detail to it. So far, I haven't had much luck. But I did find something on ebay for $10 to suffice for the time being. When it gets here I'll disassembled and see what I can do with the piece on it.


To be continued
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Sling Gun greeblie update:

The greeblie part arrived. Tho not 100% true in appearance, its damn close I'd say & Im totally going to throw it on the under barrel for now until the actual part is identified. Im redirecting my focus to the left gauntlet for now.



Left gauntlet & flamer:

Fett 4 real was kind enough to print stormtrooperguy's PP2 upper shell for me a couple weeks back. It arrived with a small chip on the corner, easy fix. Just usps being usps.

Anyways, I wanted to try and get the flame unit started. It looks intimidating at first but simple when you think from building outward from the rod. For the rod, I used a telescoping steel rod found a automotive tool.

As the reference pics show, the flamer can be seen in a retracted & extended position. I wanted to replicate this detail really bad, not only for looks but to retract it to keep it from snagging on objects. So heres a rough draft. The silver attachment is part of the tool & will be replaced with brass nozzle/greblies.



To be continued


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Updated Boot colors/weathering

At least to my eye, the actual boots appear to shift in shading like 3 times in 3 separate reference photos; which was frustrating to settle on which pic to follow. Needless to say, I'm happy now with how mine turned out. I mixed two acrylic paints together; a tara cota orange and some barn red, with a wet paper towel of Rustolem Rudy Brown. Took a foam brush and faded it into the grey. After letting it dry for an hour, I closed up some areas with the base grey and a hint of black. I didn't get a chance to get outdoor pics due to rain, but the brownish red appears slightly better in person than the pics.

Oh and I added a bit more black to white fading on the left black stripe of the left boot..



Sling Gun greeblie - Under barrel attachment: metal prong

Took off the default prong greeblie that comes on the RafalFett amazing barrel and under barrel prints via Shapeaways, and installed the metal prong piece shown a couple post back. Until the actual part is identified, I'm completely happy with how this looks. In meantime, I'll look for an slender metal greeblie for the other detail.

That's totally metal, dude...


To be continued...
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Gauntlet hose mic plugs
The hunt for real parts continues...

According to reference photos, the ends of the gaintlet hoses feature a 3 hole/prong microphone plug. These were produced by ITT Cannon, and still are available for ~$75 for a set for PP-2.

Here they are as seen on the right hose:

And left

I was able to find some vintage looking ones for WAY way below the $75 price tag from the manufacturer. Same part # & everything, just needs some TLC.

9 male plugs

4 female plugs

They may not serve there purpose anymore but they will serve the suit well. As for the extras, I'll more than likely sell some pieces in the cargo hold.

Pre Pro 2 jetpack rocket

With the warhead fins appearing to stick out a bit more, I decided to get the missle parts printed to make adjustments to my satisfaction.


Credit to stormtrooperguy and his FREE file on Thingaverse. And a huge thanks to my garrison mate, Ken, for printing it for me. Here's the rough assembly. Later I will buy the metal collar from machinecraft & slightly mod the fins to stick out more aggressively.


To be continued...


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Body Armor

Wasted Fett Hero sized armor has finally been trimmed up and sanded the edges. Still need to cut the chest light bars and D-ring slits on the back plate I almost botched the left corner of the collar piece but was able to balance it out and it looks fine now, thank the maker :rolleyes:

Next phase for the armor is filling the dents and creating new ones to match the physical damaged on the PP-2 reference material.


Heading to my garrison buddies house tomorrow to get the missile.

To be continued


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Great build so far! And Dom really nailed the helmet paint job!

Regarding the sling gun, for the 2 greeblies under the barrel you should look into Mitchell parts, as this is what the Supertrooper Documentation says: 2 turnings - Mitchells.

For the armor are you going with the Pre-Pro #1 abdominal plate or its (probably) original plate?



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RafalFett Thank you! For the lead on the turnings, I'll have to include that in my daily search! Are they made by the same producer who did the Mitchell Stylus brush?

As for the paint on the abs, I'm doing the one in the top pic


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Left gauntlet flame thrower

Started adding pieces to the base of the flame thrower. Testing out some brass parts I found at a local hardware store. Lol I spent about an hour just standing in the ale comparing reference to what they had. Very happy with how it looks!


Not showed is a ribbed metal wire I was able to salvage from a old gaming head set for the one that comes off the flate side of the end cap. Just need to source a part that can achieve the look & hold the wire.

ITT Cannon plugs

Both male and female ends arrived.


To be continued...


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Thanks acobian! I hope this inspires and helps others for their pre pro builds

Flamer - Shiney flame rod of Justice

So this past week, all my focus has been on the flamer attachment for the left gauntlet. I've made a couple mock ups, changing the thickness of the barrel, how the tube length looks, and so on.

Here's a couple photos of those:

**white nozzle to aid visualized a actual nozzle

As Ive starred at the references and compared to mine, the thickness of the rear section had to be beefed up badly. So I ripped apart this telescoping tube even more and I feel it getting closer and closer...

So here's the the 3rd prototype:

Looking for constructive feed back. The big thing with this piece is I want to keep it two sections, and collapsable. Once the nozzle is ironed out, it'll add a bit more length.

Hopefully will come close finishing it this weekend


Small updates:
- Casio MQ-1 calculator enroute
- Metal knee darts enroute

To be continued...
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Flamer unit update

Started piecing together the greeblies I've been so picky about mimicing; primarily the rear portion of the flame unit which I believe to be some sort of valve system. They aren't Jb wielded together yet but this is what it'll look like when it's done. I'm very please with how this turning out. It compliments stormtrooperguy model very well, which is the perfect size for my slim arms

Also, apparently MOW did a short run of Pre Pro. guantlets sometime back. The configuration of my metal tubing mimics his- the aesthetic of the beefy tube with the red coiled wire looked mean while capturing the look of the one on the actual Pre Pro suit. And what's nice about that red wire is that it'll mask the features of the tube; such as the white cap stopper to halt the extension feature. All of the main parts are metal, besides two details.

Here's some pics. Don't be too harsh on me lol


**3D model gauntlet by stormtroopergy. 3D Printed by Fett 4 Real

At somepoint I may consider selling these in kits, to be assembled, or pre-assembled. Or, do a separate tutorial thread- lemme know what you'd rather have.

To be continued...
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Flamer unit (again...)

I decided to redo...again. Making the rear pipe one piece instead of two, making it more accurate and simple. Spent a good amount of time making sure the lengths matched up close with the references.

Here's some pics of it retracted & extended...


Still sorting out the nozzle still, but got a brass sleeve that slide onto the new pipe.

Feedback appreciated

To be continued...


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Casio MQ-1, metal knee darts, and flamer nozzle

A member in the community here was letting go of a MQ-1; cool little piece. As well as some metal knee darts (will remove paint rings).


Ive already gotten around to extracting the circuit board which will likely be put in the helmet. Doing the key pad this weekend

Lastly, after looking through A LOT of brass crimps on ebay, I may have found a good candidate for the flame nozzle. I'll just need to focus on isolating it from the pipe. Another is on its way aswell to test out...


To be continued...

Fett 4 Real

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we needed that calc like a few weeks ago!.... If you need me to add paint to it... we can do something I think... If we're careful removing the other one...


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we needed that calc like a few weeks ago!.... If you need me to add paint to it... we can do something I think... If we're careful removing the other one...

This weekend Ima tinker with the one in the helm more and try to get it out in one piece & offer to send it back so you can reuse. Just to be sure, it would esstially be the same as the ROTJ's board color?