Boba thruster assembly


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Hello fellow Boba enthusiasts!
I have a jetpack kit from Darth Voorhees and I'm not quite sure what the best way is to attach the thrusters to the main body of the jetpack, I know there are screws but do I need to glue it to one side of the thruster and feed it through the buffer/middle portion? or is there a more mechanical fastener I should try? if you all have any pictures or knowledge I would love to hear all of it.


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I’m not familiar with the construction of DVs jetpacks, but on mine I attached eye bolts into the ends of the thrusters that go into the JP and then on the inside I used a small bungee chord hooked into the eye bolts to add tension to the thrusters to keep them in. You don’t really want to permanently attach the thrusters to the JP because they tend to hang up on things and break off, causing a lot of damage to the jetpack.

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I have a DV pack and I can get some pics and better explain tomorrow if he hasn't answered this thread.

Shortfuse, that's a very interesting way of attaching them! Wish I had thought of doing it that way
Here's what Lou sent me when I asked about putting the thrusters together

How I did mine was I epoxied a longer bolt inside of the arm with the bolt head countersunk on the outside end of the arm. Then epoxied the thruster body to the arm. I did it this way so when you tighten the wing nut inside the pack, the bolt head pulls the arm inwards. I felt like doing it this way would make it more secure.

Hope this helps!