armor help

  1. Searay758

    SE Fett Armor Color Touch-up/repaint suggestions, other misc Q's

    Hello all! I come before you looking for some advice on modifying my SE Fett's armor colors. Here he stands at the moment: Years ago when I painted this, for the ESB helmet paint up I followed the colors laid out in the stickied MindMeister map (Boba Fett Paint Colors) which I feel gave me...
  2. XWingAce77

    Boba thruster assembly

    Hello fellow Boba enthusiasts! I have a jetpack kit from Darth Voorhees and I'm not quite sure what the best way is to attach the thrusters to the main body of the jetpack, I know there are screws but do I need to glue it to one side of the thruster and feed it through the buffer/middle portion...
  3. scorcione

    Attaching armor

    Hello all - well - my DIY tactical mandalorian costume was an epic fail - it looked way too masculine and I hated it.. (insert big sigh) I have ordered a set of armor (female Jango Fett style) by now - I don’t know how to attach the armor to the suit.. does anyone happen to have any advice for...
  4. scorcione

    Worried that..

    Hey all - I’m totally new at mandolorian build and I’m new to the dented helmet as well - I’m creating my Mando costume from pieces I’m putting together from places like Amazon (for instance my chest / body armor is from air soft armor) - am I going to be laughed off the face of the planet...
  5. asgardianangelo

    Newvie Mando Build (help!)

    Hey all! This is going to be my first Mando build and I'm slightly nervous lol. I've been doing some digging for a while and can't seem to find decent patterns for the Beskar armor. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was planning on using PunishedProps Mando helmet. Any help would be...