jet pack

  1. Lazerjock

    3D Printed ROTJ Jetpack

    I'm new to the forum and came across RafalFett 3D printable Jetpack. All I can say is WOW!!! I own (2) 3D printers (FDM & SLA) and do some 3D modeling and am a prop builder. I decided to give this a try. I want to build a Fett costume and troop with the 501st. This may be a way to get started...
  2. Swiftcloud

    Fett Jetpack Lights and Sounds Mod

    Fellow hunters, I have been asked to do a demonstration video of my Boba Fett Jetpack showing the LED amber light & rocket sounds and how I connect and control it from my gauntlet. It’s much safer than smoke machines or CO2 capsules in my opinion. I’m not very good at making video...
  3. A

    Jet Pack In process of budget build

    Hey guys. Looking for advice on the jett pack for Boba Fett. I debating on weather to just buy the jet pack for 300 bucks plus shipping or to attempt to make it myself. I'm leaning towards trying to make from scratch. Any advice on where to start would be great. Thanks!