esb jetpack

  1. TKOK

    For Sale ESB Jetpack

    I bought this jetpack at the beginning of building my ESB Fett. Once I got everything put together, I realized that it looked a little small for my frame (I'm 6'). This is a great budget, 3D printed jetpack. Asking $225 shipped.
  2. XWingAce77

    Boba thruster assembly

    Hello fellow Boba enthusiasts! I have a jetpack kit from Darth Voorhees and I'm not quite sure what the best way is to attach the thrusters to the main body of the jetpack, I know there are screws but do I need to glue it to one side of the thruster and feed it through the buffer/middle portion...
  3. FamousFett

    ESB Jetpack Build/Paint up

    Just finished my jetpack build yesterday. I still need to get a micro dental file for it but other than that I'd say this is finished, I might add some more light weathering as well. Little edit, I made the jetpack a little lighter and added more rust stains to the thrusters
  4. PapaFett87

    Jetpack size?

    Hey guys, somebody on her has to know how big Boba’s jetpack was right? Something like 15 cm wide right? Looks smaller than I anticipated in both ESB/ROTJ. I’m about 5’11 - 6’ Btw. If anyone could give a perspective on how large one would want their jetpack to look on their back, pls lmk.
  5. boba87fett

    Jetpack Recommendations

    I’ve read a couple threads and posts about jet packs being different sizes. What would you guys recommend for my ESB Boba? I’m 5’11” Please feel free to post photos of the different makes out there! Thanks!! Steven
  6. jbdubz

    Showoff: Daniel Logan's ESB Jetpack

    So as she makes her way home across the galaxy, I figured I'd post up some ghetto fabulous photo shoot pics of the ESB jetpack we are presenting to Daniel with his ESB Fett kit. I tried to capture every detail and unintentional imperfection. Some may say, "It probably wasn't supposed to be...