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Does anyone out there know where i can have a flight vest made for my costume? The current one i have is not very accurate, I bought it from the PropPalace online, it has a zipper in the front! You can email me directly at, thanks! -tony
The real Film used vest was a squib vest worn backward. The stunt men use them when they get "shot". I am in the process of getting one. They are kinda rare now and were in use 20 to 30 years ago.

Alright Jeff, I wasn't going to say anything, but that username has got to go. I've caught it out of the corner of my eye a couple times now and I swear it says EXFARTS...

Anyway, I'll second that PP vests really bite. I got mine from RA and it was great. You might contact him...

Glad I'm not the only one who "saw" the exact same thing, JMP. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't change the name, Jeff. It's our fault for not concentrating on what we see, rather than what we want to see. :)
While I don't know much about the vests, I do know that squibs are small explosive charges (very small) that attach to, well, vests I guess that are worn by actors/stuntmen. To simulate bullet hits the squibs are detonated and blow holes out through the outer clothing, simulating bullet entrance/exit. They're used on other things than vests, but you get the point. I think you can see one on a stormtrooper's chest on bespin. As leia/chewie/lando round the corner and into the elevator (left of screen) several troops come around towards the middle of the screen. A split second before one is hit I think you can see a small black dot on his chest. Moments later his chest erupts in flame as the blast hits. Pretty sweet :)

*edit...woo 1000*

Ahem...It is I EFARTS....I mean EfXarts hear...and yes journeyman has it right. Basically, they are made from a canvas material with a batting filler to absorb the "blast" from the explosive charge from the squib. By the way, the Fett vest was simply painted the grayish color. It is normally plane white. Also, there is NO neck piece. That part was added to the jumpsuit using the same material.

Actually, I have seen squib vests on a stuntman or two a few years ago, and now that I think of it, it does seem like a viable "found part" explanation. They always seemed more padded to me, but my memory of them is somewhat vague. This would be a great find.
I'd love to see some pics of this. I do find it VERY hard to believe that the vest was painted. I've seen the ROTJ vest at MOM on 3 occasions and it sure didn't look painted to me. But I'll keep and open mind for now. BTW, do squib vests have the shoulders like Fett's vest does?
The ones I tend to remember looked more like tank-top shaped, or sleeveless, vests. That's just me though. I'm sure there could be any number of different variations. I think that Efxarts may be on to something here.
After seeing the suit in NY, I would not be suprised at all to discover that the entire soft suit was painted. This is good news! Hope it pans out!
My sister came to visit me a week ago and i discovered that she has a vest in the exact colour,size and fabric for a boba vest. She gave it to me..It fits perfect and looks kick ass:) Talk about luck! I only need to wear it backwards since it has a zipper in the front and add the short sleeve things. I could check which brand the vest is..
Will post pics and the brand name soon..

I just replied to a PM and this is what I said. I work in the film industry doing effects work. I know stunt men and have seen a type of vest that is almost perfect. It is newer and made from different materials (stricter Fire Codes). Also, They told me point blank that it was an older version not in use any more. As for the color, one thing you have to remember is that it is 20+ years old. I had an opportunity to visit the Archives back in 96 for research. This was before they really got serious and started categorizing and storing properly. I saw PILES of costumes mismatched all over the place. I had to dig through several to get the full Vader suit. Boba's costume was in peaces on the floor...the dirty nasty floor. I almost cried. All the MOM's costumes were cleaned for the display. Time fades fabrics as well as the sun (Jedi) So keep these things in mind when trying to color match. I hope this helps.


P.S. I answered another pm. The newer ones cost around $1600.00
Sorry. We were under a nondisclosure agreement. We could not bring in cameras of any type. We were even "guided" through every step of the place. It felt like some kind of top secret government lab...

What did you have to do to get into the archives. Do I hear Field Trip. By the way Jeff having Tommy Lee Jones as your avatar will make anyone see exfarts. :lol:
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