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Well, after nearly a year of working on this project, I am finally happy to say that it is finished. I would like to thank Vince again for his hard work at making such a beautiful helmet. When I first saw pics of his prototype I said to myself that a sculpt this good deserved much more than a lame silver and blue paint job.;)








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JangoUri said:
It´s a piece of art....

I didn´t know BKBT also made boba helmets

He doesn't... that is a converted Jango helmet! :love

The talent on this forum continues to amaze me....! :eek:

Awesome!! (y)
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Amazing work! I don't think I've seen anyone else get it that close to the exhibit condition with the repair mark on the visor and blue marker, pretty hardcore of you to replicate those.
Holy Fett, did you steal the museum piece? :eek:

That is one beautiful paint job. I have to say that looking at that, along with other poster's work, I feel inspired to keep trying to paint my little bucket here. A beyond superb job you've done.

Any tips you may want to share for the rest of us?
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