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Hi there,

I am sorry that I made a new thread, becose I am sure that dimensions of helmet have been post here already, but I cannot find them. I found one on and, but I am not sure that it is correct and I am a little bit dissapointed about this:

I have expirience in work whit plastics and whit modeling but I cannot start whitout stright dimensions, can someone help me whit it? :(

Thanks for your time, Ershak
Well, that depends on what dimensions you're looking for. Actual movie-used prop dimensions may take some digging, but TK409's dimensions are from the "mystery" helmet (which I might add is truly outstanding). TK409 also has some dimensions in inches of two different helmets here, but I'd say millimeters are a good standard for comparisons:


If you use the search (advanced search) options, you can find all sorts of threads by searching for "measurements" and "dimensions" with "Helmet" selected in the forum window. From fan-made scratch-built helmets to well known molds, it's all there. Happy hunting.
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thx a lot, I tried to search some but as I said, I cannot find some "standart". When I will have some time, I must re-read whole forum, its really interesting.
Yes, I saw it but dont understand to posts like this:

"Wait, I found my flexitape.

I'll go with MM's dimensions . . hopefully that'll be everything you need.

Keep in mind, this is an ESB helmet (but really, are there any other's worth mentioning?)

A: 322mm
B: 156mm
C (Boba's Left): 125mm
C (Boba's Right): 135mm
D: 48mm
E: 375mm
F: 118mm
G: I Got Nuthin'
H: 179mm
I: 67mm

For J&K I assumed the line breaking the two dimensions was if you extended the line where the cheek meets the ear panel, if that makes sense to you.
J: 317mm
K: 462mm

X&Z I don't really know an easy way of measuring so . . not sure how much help I can give on that one.

Hope these help though.


It's nice that I have a lot of stright dimensions, but whitout image, it is worthless.
Yea, I know what you mean...that one was hard to understand since it probably refers to links that are too old to be useful. Does anyone know if the Brak'sBuddy Reference CD has any good information on dimensions or ratios? That's the last place I'd know where to look.

(it's available on TK409's site)
yup, I think same, but its same like whit the others, I have some basic dimensions, but when I start whit helmet I want as much dimensions as I can have, becose it isnt cheap to make it, so I want to do it my best...
I'm trying my own scratchbuilt, myself, and what I'm doing is this: I took the "Mystery helmet" dimentions from TK409 (y) (y) and multiplied them by 1.3 because my head is a little bigger than what came out. Strangely enough, the MH dimentions closely follow those of the '97 RUBIES (which I used to determine that I needed it bigger). So, if you take the diagram of the MH, set it next to a RUBIES (ebay has them for around $30 USD before the shipping), and "upsize" each measurement by 1.3, you should be good to go.

ex: the helmet height is 240mm.
upsized by 1.3 - 312mm

Feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions.
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