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Hello everyone,

I'm planning on building a Fett helmet from scratch. I've got the Reference CD version 1, and have found the ratios of the helmet. (for the most part). However, what I lack is any hard numbers. As I understand, the exact dimensions are a subject of controversy. Is there any measurement that is generally agreed upon? I'm looking for at least one dimension from the side and front, from which I can find the rest via ratios.

If anyone with a DP, or even better, a "more accurate" helmet could give me a couple dimensions, that would be wonderful. Or any numbers the community has reached a consensus on.

I've searched this board as well as the RPF, but haven't found much at all, unfortunately.

If I can get some measurements, I plan on doing up some nice layouts as best as I can figure and posting them somewhere.

Any help here would be great. Thanks much. :)

~ AoErat
Woah......I just got done(less than 30 seconds ago) sending an e-mail with the exact same question to a buddy. Spooky, indeed. ...I'm doing the very same thing and would love dimensions. I was wondering if the reference pics at 100% are full scale. If so, I can pull patterns from that. Thanks for any help.
I think that the photos would not be full scale, simply because the angle is never exactly perfect, and the distance the camera was away from the helmet is also different.

Can anyone help us? A post or PM would be great! :)
I hate to bump this but I could really use some help here folks. I've got no starting place until I can get some numbers, however vague they might be.

Thanks much!
i take some measurements of my 95dp recast check the pics
<img src=>
<img src=>
or go here if you cant see ... click on BFhelmet

BobaFettish can you send me the dimensions too? :D thanks in advance
What dimensions do you want . . . I've got my movie sized helmet sitting on my dining room table as I type this! :)

Thanks for the replies!

BobaFettish: Got some off that thread. :)

secol_FETT: Great pics, thanks.

Ego: I could use these:

Base Depth
Base Width (w/out ears, with)
Chin to top of brow
Bottom back to top of brow
Dome Depth
Dome Width
Dome Height

If this is too much, just pick and choose a couple. If you want to grab some more while you are at it, that's fine by me too. :) I should be able to calculate the details myself though. Thanks so much!

~ mike
Well, I could use these dimensions;

I'm sorry for the link, but I'm not sure I could fit these pics here. All three pics have dimension inquiries. I know it's asking alot, but I've never actually seen one of these in real life :eek: :facepalm . Any help would be very much appreciated. ...Anyone wanting to help with one or more measurements, can just list the corresponding letter to a measurement. Thanks so much.
Okay, here ya go.

BTW, I hope I'm not stepping on the maker's toes by putting these measurements out there. If I am, or if the mods see fit . . do what you will with this post!

Base Depth: 256mm
Base Width Ears (front of helmet): 245mm
Base Width Ears (back of helmet): 250mm
(Sorry, I don't have my ears on, so, no dimensions with ears on)

Chin to top of brow: 181mm
Bottom back to top of brow: 130mm

(Brow being the red band that goes around the whole helmet, beneath the dome)

Dome Height: 90mm

Sorry, that's about all I can get you with regard to the dome. I don't have a flexible tape here at home right now to give you a circumference and to get depths and widths it's me trying to line it up by eye and I don't want to give you anything inaccurate (so even take the height with a grain of salt)

Hope that helps.

Let me know if there's anything else I can get you or a detail picture or anything.

Oh, geez, yes. If anyone is going to get upset at this, by all means, say so. I won't be casting this, I will be producing it from metal mostly (hopefully). I just needed some dimensions to start with. If not, I can figure something out I guess. I don't want to offend anyone here. Really. I don't. ....Really.
Wait, I found my flexitape.

I'll go with MM's dimensions . . hopefully that'll be everything you need.

Keep in mind, this is an ESB helmet (but really, are there any other's worth mentioning?) :)

A: 322mm
B: 156mm
C (Boba's Left): 125mm
C (Boba's Right): 135mm
D: 48mm
E: 375mm
F: 118mm
G: I Got Nuthin' :)
H: 179mm
I: 67mm

For J&K I assumed the line breaking the two dimensions was if you extended the line where the cheek meets the ear panel, if that makes sense to you.
J: 317mm
K: 462mm

X&Z I don't really know an easy way of measuring so . . not sure how much help I can give on that one.

Hope these help though.

Well, I'm just going by that since our friendly supermod was going to post once he got his helmet back, that it's okay to do so . . . so, if you're to get mad at anyone, get mad at BobaFettish, not little ole me! ;) hehe

Just kiddin' around, but seriously, if this is bad, me posting these dimensions . . my apologies in advance.

Otherwise, hope they help out! :)


MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

Oh, geez, yes. If anyone is going to get upset at this, by all means, say so. I won't be casting this, I will be producing it from metal mostly (hopefully). I just needed some dimensions to start with. If not, I can figure something out I guess. I don't want to offend anyone here. Really. I don't. ....Really.
I don't see any harm in sharing the dimensions. This particular helmet is no longer in production. As long as no one is pulling molds directly from one of these, everything should be cool. The main goals of this forum are to identify and locate "found parts" on the real suits and to help each other make the most accurate Fett costumes we can. Sharing info is what it's all about.

Good luck with your helmet projects and be sure and post some progress pics.

::Edit:: It is really O.K. to blame Ego. :lol:
::Edit:: It is really O.K. to blame Ego. :lol:

Now I know why I like it here so much . . . you all treat me just like my family does! Feels like home! hahahaha


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I made use of the dimensions and produced a drawing in AutoCad 2000 of the profile view. This is a very preliminary version, so there are bound to be errors.


I'd appreciate comments if you've got 'em. Especially critical comments.

- Mike
Hi Mike!

That's an excellent drawing! (y) I have one suggestion that might assist, which is the profile view of the dome. It seems to have a much steeper angle at the back, with the apex just a wee bit back from the mid-way between front and rear.

When I started my scratch-built helmet, I used one of Brak's CD hi-res photos, blew it up and traced it into my CAD program. I think it is of the ROTJ helmet - not sure if the ESB has the same profile? The measurement from front-to-back that I used was 245mm. (The front is on the right side of the photo) Hope this is of some help. Phil

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