Before TDH/after TDH pics


Here is the first helmet that I painted, it is a rubies boba, didnt turn out too bad considering that it was my first and I didnt know about TDH at the time. Ok now fast forward to my second helmet, which is a Dp 95 fiberglass and you can really see how TDH has improved my work. I'm obviously not done yet, but I using an all topical approach, and that red is not that bright, its just the flash. Any ways just showing off my new paintjob and saying thx.

theres a better shot of the rubies before i dullcoated it to take the shine off.



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:D great stuff!!!

hm, i would really like to see that rubies boba helmet a little more...

maybe ur dp 95 is better, on paint job and all, but just to prove that rubies helmets can work out pretty well.... myn is a converted rubies JF helmet...
:) hmmm, that does look good!


i think ill buy a rubies boba helmet... just i loved paintin my current bucket.

did you have to alter teh top of teh helemt alot?? I heard it was a recast of a DP 97, but ur top doesnt appear to look flat at all.

ur paint job is much better on the dp 95 indeed, would love to see it finsihed.
that new bucket is really turning out fantastic!!! Huge improvement compared to your first one. Keep posting progress pics;)
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