Attaching back plate to vest


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I am getting ready to attach my back plate to my vest. How many and where should I put the snaps?
Unless I am mistaken, the backplate only connects underneath the collar armor, and it is secured with the collar armor bolts.

The bottom of the backplate gets some support from the jet pack frame.
and the collar armor attaches to the vest the same way as the chest armor does?
I've got velcro under the whole collar piece, just like the rest of the chest armor, and some under the top lip of the backplate to hold it in place so it doesn't pull the collar into my throat. Then some more velcro sewn on either side of the rear vest opening, and corresponding backplate "wings". The backplate attaches to the collar with the four #8-32 screws of the collar studs.
Mine is attached to the color with clips( I didn't want to have to mess with screwing the nuts on and off) then I have velcro at the bottom of the armor and the vest to hold it in place if I lose my jet pack in a fight:D
Yeah, I can understand about the screws. I found it tedious as hell, but worth it. Once the armor's on, it's secure. No "shifting during flight".;)

Originally, I just unscrewed one whole side, but I was afraid I'd crack the armor trying to flex it on and off. It made me nervous.
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