As promised, Armor Progress pics

Tim Allen

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Well I figured now is good as anytime to start with some pictures.

Im well underway and thought it would be a good idea to throw up some pictures along the way to the finished product. The shoulder bells are almost complete and im now making a copy off the 1st sculpted one and will then work on the details of each. Enjoy

Rough Mock up

Smoothing it out

Comparison on vest

Latex Mold

Copy in Wax

Smoothed out, ready for master latex copy.


And finally a Rough Mock up of the Ab and Breast plates. Alot of work needs to be done here but the "general" shape is there more or less.



Im working on a few other projects at the moment so progress will be slow.

Hey Tim,

The armor is looking good, but I don't think the screen used armor was made of wax......

J/K :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Good work, how you do the molds? And the positive, with what materials?

With the shoulder Bells I sculpted then in clay, once the general shape was down then I made a Latex mold off the clay and then poured wax into the Latex. Detailed the wax up by smoothing it out and cleaning up the edges and will now make the "master mold" off this one so i can create 2identical sholder bells. As for the chest pieces, I skipped the sculpting in clay part and cut them out directly in sheet of wax.

PS: Those horses in the backround are a rough mock up for the Gladiator chest armor

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