Aluminum Range finder

Got an aluminum Range finder stalk from Rich's Armor today. It's pretty nice but I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to installing it. Looks like I'm gonna have to drill out a slot on the resin RF, keep it rectangular and insert the stalk in place.

Is this typical for a metal RF?

Man, I'm learning all new modeling things around here.
I'm no expert and don't even own any Boba armor yet.

But, I know several people plug Rich's Aluminum Range finder as very good. , First Helmet: you might of seen this already

I plan on getting one myself, soon as I get my helmet

Someone else might can shine some light on this subject better than me

Mikey Fett
I also bought one of RA's stalks. I had a machinist friend saw about 1/2" off the top, then he tapped two screw holes in the top. I had a hollow topper, so I was able to drill small holes in the bottom of the topper, and screw it on that way.

I don't remember the exact size of the screws, though. They were pretty small.
I have noticed that the Screen Acurate would be screwed on from what I see on the Boba Reference CD. It looks like they were screwed in and then Bondoed.



It also appears that the little box had fallen out of the bottom of this RF. It is either the AOSW or the MOM helmet.
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