ESB Helmet Mold / Material Questions


New Hunter
Hi Everyone!

First update in a bit, but I am quickly ramping into making my costume happen. The most important thing is I’ve chosen to go the ESB route. I’ve purchased boots and the Wookie braids. (It’s a start!)

Regarding the helmet, I’ve done a good amount of research throughout the forums and I’m unfortunately not coming to a definitive conclusion. I’m hoping for some thoughts on from anyone will to share.

I want to make the costume as screen accurate as possible and to absolutely be 501st eligible. What is the Material and Mold that most recommend for screen accurate? Fiberglass? Cast Resin? Which Mold should I be trying to find? There are a plethora of variations (Legacy, G2, G4, etc.) I have decided that I do want to do Metal Ears and metal Range Finder Stalk, so my understanding is that may slightly limit which mold I should be looking for.

Finally, for the interior, will anything custom impact 501st eligibility? I'm planning on getting a helmet liner from Whiteshadow and probably fans, I just want to ensure that won't accidentally create any artificial limits. For Sale - Foam helmet liners

Thank you all! I truly appreciate it!
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