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    So this is my first run of foam helmet interiors for 2018. I have two versions available along with separate dome padding.

    Version1 details
    • Dimensions 17 1/4" x 6 1/8" x 1" (at highest point)
    • Overall weight 3.1oz
    • Modeled after the 1997 Boba Fett mini-helmet from Riddell

    Version2 details
    • Dimensions 17 1/8" x 6 1/4" x 7/8" (at highest point)
    • Overall weight 3oz

    Both versions:
    • have recessed attachment points to accommodate multiple installation methods
    • ship as a single piece of lightweight, low density flexible foam
    • have a recessed area behind the central "control box" to accommodate the MQ-1

    DomeLiner details
    • Dimensions 10 3/4" diameter (approximate)
    • Overall weight 2oz IMG_20180312_144954129_1520881607579.jpg

    • Version1 (kit only) $70
    • Version1 + dome $90
    • Version2 (kit only) $70
    • Version2 + dome $90
    • Dome liner $30
    *Prices do not include shipping

    Additionally, I can prep either kit for a couple of different installation methods.
    • Standard Velcro setup $10 Industrial strength/low profile velcro secured with EPP/EPO foam glue
    • Premium magnetic setup $20 Neodydium magnetic snaps secured with EPP/EPO foam glue

    I guess that's a good enough start. I'm sure I missed something but if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    I do ship internationally and PayPal is preferred.

    1. Rossy-SHIPPED-V2w/dome
    2. Sumnaa Fett-SHIPPED-V1w/dome
    3. LB66679-SHIPPED-V2 w/dome
    4. Sdossey-SHIPPED-V2w/dome, install
    5. MPFett-SHIPPED-dome
    6. Fatbed-Payment received-V2w/dome
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  2. Rossy

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    I've been waiting for these! PM sent for PayPal info, thanks!
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  3. Sumnaa Fett

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    Same here! PM'ing ya in a bit.
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  4. WhiteShadow

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    Thanks. Responses sent
  5. WhiteShadow

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    Bit of info that might help... When "installing" the dome liner (foam dome), I have found that when you push it into place, the tension in the foam itself will generally be enough to keep it where it is. Once you have one in-hand, it'll make more sense.

    Now you know... And knowing is half the battle.
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  6. Sumnaa Fett

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    *Sings* Boba Joe!!!
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