Accurate Resin Gauntlet Missile Limited Run!

Boba Phett

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Hi gang!! Interested in a resin left gauntlet missile?

These were last offered in September of 2003!

Fettcicle and I have done another limited run of our gauntlet missile. We are still enlisting the services of the same professional caster who originally constructed the molds and poured the missile's for us using a rotocasting machine. The caster's work is superb. This is not a basement/garage operation by any means. This is the guy's profession and it shows!

Here are some of the features:
1. Cast-in metal mounting studs and hardware to mount the missile to your gauntlet. So you don't have to permanently attach it to your gauntlet!
2. A metal rod inserted into the front of the casting to replicate the end of the missile's tip. And to provide additional rigidity to the casting!

This missile is appropriately sized for the FP gauntlets!


Mounted on the FP gauntlet

Compared to the real deal

Compared to the real deal

What was used as the master?

The master used for the missile is the all metal missile Fettcicle and I developed. To date this is still one of the most accurate missile's made. This is a bold, but true statement (ok pun intended too). Countless hours were spent developing the master you see here. This was to ensure it was the closest thing to the real deal. We used every available photo and trick we had at our disposal to build it right. Specific measurements were made and crosschecked over every aspect of this master. Now we now want to share a resin version with the TDH gang again.

Have we enticed you?
The nitty gritty details if you are interested:
~Cost $40 for the missile and shipping via USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation to the continental 48.
~ Paypal, money order or cashier's check

By all means post any questions you have here. I or Fettcicle will answer them for you.

Your name goes on the last after you have paid. Only 18 spots total

1. Batninja -Paid / shipped
2. teo3 -Paid / Shipped
3. gorman -Paid / Shipped
4. Fettism -Paid / Shipped
5. lgtsbrb -Paid / Shipped
6. robyesc -Paid / Shipped
7. TK172 -Paid / Shipped
8. Fett_in_Exile -Paid / Shipped
9. Bobagoat -Paid / Shipped
10. stormtrooper@rushmore -Paid / Shipped
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I'm down for one! Where do we send PayPal?

For those wondering about these, I have to say that I've never seen a resin piece that needed absolutely no filling or sanding prep before painting. I got my last one the day before I left for DragonCon (I weathered it in the hotel room!). Because of the unique construction, I was able to paint the two pieces separately, saving precious time before the trip.

Outstanding work!
Hiya Boba Phett!! Haven't seen you 'round for a bit,...glad to see you.:D

I'd like to add a plug that I have one of these and it's fantabulous!! It looks like a machined piece itself and is completely flawless. Easily one of the best resin peices I've ever owned.

I'd recommend jumping on these for their quality and accuracy gang!

Thank you missile owners from the first run for your kind words and support! (y)

Anyone that is interested in purchasing a missile should send me a PM.

I only have 18 missiles and first paid first served. Remember C3 is around the corner...
Well, I'm glad to see Everyone likes their rockets :D I had made a few attempts on the rocket myself, but none of them turned out as accurate as I would have liked. I asked Boba Phett for help and he BOY DID HE HELP! We worked together to try to make the most accurate piece we could. We were lucky to find someone to cast this who was just as interested in making a really accurate piece.
I said it befroe and I'll say it again ........ this rocket looks tops ..... now how does a guy get 1 or 2 of these ?

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