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The Bounty Hunter's guild is working on the Zam Wesell CRL. Currently, one member submitted a draft, and I've printed it out for reference as well as all the things I've found here. If you want to take a look, it's under prequels BH CRL's.

It's halfway down the page and pretty long. Can't miss it.

Or here is the cummberund info (without accessories info):
Cummerbund and Accessories
- Cummerbund is made of leather or similar material.
- Cummerbund is lavender in color and roughly matches the other purples used in the suit.
- There are 4 rows, separated by stitching in between the rows.
- The cummerbund is padded.
- It is two separate pieces, laced up and connected by black lace hooks or speed hooks in the back and on the right hip under the holster.
Hi yesterday I finished my skirt.

[emoji3] [emoji3] [emoji3]


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Looks very nice! I'm outside airbrushing more leather stuff today as it's finally a nice day for it. I'm doing the skirting last. I bought 3 purple dyes and my husband had a midnight blue one I've almost gone through. I do believe I'm going to need to buy a couple more purples and another blue one after all. If so, that's going to be 7 bottles of dye. Wow, wow, wow.
I bought the helmet from a girl who gave up on the suit, so I do not know who made it. I had to sand it all over and repaint it.

Zam's helmet does Moncal.
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