which paint scheme....


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I am getting my FP premium kit in any day now and I dont know what paint scheme to go with. Its hard to compare the pics of the different helmets to each other since the lighting is always different. Does anyone have side by side pics of the ROTJ and ESB lid together so I can try and basemy decision off of that? I think the ROTJ one is a lot more colorful, but I love the damage on ESB. Decisions :)

And yes I know that the best thing to do would is get one of each and throw a PP2 in the mix as well, but I am on a budget here guys, haha

Fett 4 Real

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ESB has more colors IMHO actually...more layers as well...
Cant tell much of a difference here but me (ROTJ) and TX Fett (ROTJ SE)


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IMO the ESB is more widely recognizable as being "classic Fett" - and the costume is more recognized from ROTJ, I think that's why the SA Fett is more popular. It's the Fett you see the most of when you do a google search.

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Well if you want a nice display piece that can be worn with either the rotj costume or the esb costume go for the esb paint job. Aside from looking cool it's the most versatile when talking about costuming.