Humbrol paint amount


New Hunter
Is one can of say Humbrol 78 enough for the dome and cheeks? Is one can of the grey 79 enough for the whole helmet or do I need to get more then 1 can?

One can should be plenty but grabbing 2 wouldn’t be a bad idea. Humbrol paints have to be thinned out quite a bit so the small 14ml cans actually go a long way!
As a general rule, however much paint you use, use double the amount of thinner. I.e for 3ml of thinner, add 1.5ml of paint. I used small disposable syringes to measure out and drop paint/thinner into the airbrush cup.

I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but for me I always put the thinner in first. I’ve had better results that way, instead of putting the paint in first and letting un-thinned paint seep into the nozzle and glob it up.
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