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I'm starting on my first Helmet,and haven't found the base colors. I went to the local hoppy shops and autopart shops here in town. Found didley squat.My helmet is going to a Empire piece. I did the research on the colors on the site. Pointers anyone.
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TexasFett, there's a HobbyTownUSA on Austin Hwy that should carry most of the paints you're looking for. It's the store I used when I was down there.
try the testors web site...
I bought a bunch of the colors I couldnt find locally there...

Spray paints are also a good way to go for certain colors... like Silver and black...
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I was able to get the colors I needed (at least some of them) at my local Wal-Mart.
I am going to use the same colors as AFFO$'s and was lucky to find the rustolem and krylon paints there. As for the other paints (Panzer Yellow and all) I'll be going to my local Hobby Town USA and getting them there!!! :)
Thank you much for the information that was giving! I purchase a air brush kit that will help me out on my helmet process. Send pics when everything is done.

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