where does this decal go?

Got a decal set from a fellow TDHer (one of Vash's I think) and there is a decal that looks like a T with a dot over it and for the life of me I can't figure out where it goes...I've gone through the reference cd and every helmet pic from AOSW and MoM and can't find it anywhere...any help??
It goes on the Range Finder earcap on the middle ridge right below the upside down black and white U. It was on the film version of the helmet but has since eroded away. I believe you can still see some of the 'dot' on the helmet though.


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gotcha...I'll check the ref cd again for screen captures that might have it, as it is unrecognizable in the exhibit pics. I'm assuming it is oriented "up and down" so the T is right side up with the dot over it? Thanks for the help!
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