What do you Guys think about this Book of Boba Fett Helmet ?


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It depends what your goals are and how much the helmet is.

Looking at the helmet it doesn't look great for accuracy at all. The print lines are pretty bad too. The quality and accuracy like I said are suffering and I can't imagine the cost of this helmet is much different from Hasbro's re-armored Black Series helmet. If you're looking for a quality helmet that's somewhat accurate, better paint and construction, better for display, etc grab one of those helmets.


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Hi buddy
Looks not too bad. As mentioned above to fix the print lines you can use all sorts of filler. If your younger or on a budget or starting out, contract filler for wood is cheap and works well. Put a few washes over it to grime it up a little. The dome looks more accurate than the black series. If your keen, keep going on it or have a look at 3d armory he has done a nice job on the dome the lower ear pieces need abit of adjustment though if your being picky.