Does this look warped to you?


This is an Asok cold cast budget helmet and has been sitting in my closet for almost...six years I think. I don't remember looking down at it from above but I see the ears are not even close to being symmetrical in position to each other. Is this a feature of the wonkiness of this helmet or is it in fact warped? As far as I can tell, only the left side of the visor has shifted but I'm not sure if the ear is affected by it as well.

I'm trying to take out as much resin as I can so I can fiberglass it, I want to make sure I get all the warped parts fixed before I start.


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It does look off set a little bit, but I'm not fimular with his molds. I do know a lot of star wars helmets are not symmetrical if his stuff has lineage.


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Here's the helmet rotated with 2 degree to the left and compared to the MR prototype helmet (I don't see an issue here):
Asok & MR Helmet Compare.png

It is visible on the bottom shot too:
Asok Bottom.png

As for the mandibles, maybe some frontal shots might reveal more. It is possible to aline them properly with a visor.


The resin all along the left ear and mandible is really thin, it's definitely warped but nothing a heat gun can't fix. Don't mind the pinholes, Dio was on the speakers and I went a little too crazy with the sanding. Thanks for the clarification everyone.


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