Trying to find a value on this bucket

Jedha Patrol

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photo shows #57
OH my bad. I was on mobile data at the time, image didn't load.

Honestly I've seen them sell between $350-$500, depending on the number. I've also read that the lower the number, the more valuable it could be, as the paint job looks cleaner lower the numbers are. They msrp'd for $995 back in the day.

What makes this varient of the Don Post unique is its it was casted from the Pre Pro2 helm.

In my opinion, if you were going to sell this here or on the RPF, I think $450-$500 is a fair asking price starting off. If there's any damage present, that could also affect price

Fact of the matter is, there's more accurate alternatives
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Nice helmet! #57 is a nice low number and the paint job doesn't look bad for an early Don Post.

Throwing it up on eBay wouldn't hurt as there hasn't been one sold in some time.
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