What’s happened to Woodman?

Helotech & DennisFett1142
Totally agree! A little bit of an update that shows both tact and appreciation are all that's really needed. Heck, even something generic and loaded as this:

"Thank you for reaching out. Due to unforeseen circumstances I regret to inform you that your order is taking a bit longer than expected. Rest assured that your product is forthcoming and I will reach out again once it ships. Again, I'd like to thank you so much for your business, patience and understanding."

The above example only took me a couple minutes to think up and could easily be put into a document for copy and pasting. I'm willing to wager that a statement like that would be more welcome than.....


Anyone heard from Woodman lately? I pinged again two weeks ago on the ROTJ braids I ordered back in June and haven't gotten a response. I'd love to know that the pipeline is still flowing and he's just backlogged. Hate to doubt someone with the reputation he has but the lack of communication can be frustrating when you've paid in advance.
I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but there are new people starting builds all the time.

Never ever pay friends and family and Never ever let your 6 months PayPal protection run out.

In this hobby, you need to protect yourself from all vendors. The good and the bad. You just never know when a good vendor has had enough, is fed up, and quits the hobby. Outstanding orders be damned.
He is sending out orders. Just got my order from Woodman this week. Braids and cape.
TantivOdessa When did you order the stuff you just received? I'm getting close to my Paypal six month protection and even though everyone vouches for Woodman, I've not heard from him in months despite hitting him up via email a few different times. Don't want to cancel my order but also don't want to be out the money either...
Like others I paid on January 14th (2021) and was quoted a time frame of about 4 weeks, and on April 15th (2021) finally received them. I only hit him up twice after the about the 6th week and got a reply, not the best, but better than the crickets you guys are experiencing. Hope you get em’ soon.

I sure hope Woodman doesn’t pull a FettPride on us, but I don’t believe that is the case.

Hey….yet again….

It is now 01 Jan, 2022, and I have not received the braids. Pretty disappointed to say the least.

I’m not sure how some people ordered months after me, and received them months ahead of me.

Well, let’s see how long this will take. We’re getting on close to a year now…
I’ve been here for a long time. I will never be Fettpride. Constant communication is a difficult thing to keep up with when you have dozens and dozens of orders on several sites of many different things. It becomes spending all your time sending emails and messages. That doesn’t mean staying in contact can’t be managed. I’m wrapping up all my TDH orders and will not be taking prepaid orders anymore. I’m moving to an in hand, short run model.
I will never be Fettpride.
That’s actually really encouraging to hear! To be honest, I didn’t know you offered other “Woodman Goods and Wares” at other websites. Since I’ve only really been on TDH, I guess I’ve known you as that “Go-To” vendor for Wookie Braids, Girth Belts and Capes.

One wonders if someone shouldn’t make an automated app for vendors to assist with communications efforts for pending sales/orders? (Or maybe one does exist)

It could maybe even be a static link that would go to a page that has something similar to this….

(This is a table my wife ordered mid December, and she keeps asking me if it shipped)

Sure, something like what Amazon has in place would probably be time spent getting it up and running, but what system doesn’t take a little effort. But once up, I’m guessing the customer experience would be incredibly positive.

But I dunno, is what I’m talking about a pipe dream?

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Got my braids from Woodman! Bought them in August and got them delivered now. Look great! 2nd pair from him since my original braids are getting messy from trooping and velcro catching them!
Got my braids from Woodman! Bought them in August and got them delivered now. Look great! 2nd pair from him since my original braids are getting messy from trooping and velcro catching them!
Okay, now I'm getting a little peeved. I bought mine in Feb of 2021, as well as a girth belt, and I'm still waiting.
No offence, but your braids should be mine...
I ordered back in August. ROTJ braids and girth belt. No update after multiple attempts at getting an ETA. Got a reply in January that said “let me see where you are on my list” and nothing else after that
Well, well, well I’m certainly pretty far behind in orders. I’m almost there. I have everyone with a ROTJ order ready to ship next Friday. Yeah I get it I made shipping promises that have not materialized but this is a solid date. I really do apologize to guys having waited so long.

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