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  • Hello was wanting to get a couple prices on a cape and also a set of the braids for a ESB Fett. Thanks
    Hi Woodman, I'm interested in getting a Boba Fett ROTJ girth belt. Can you send me pictures of what you offer, price, and measurements you would need? Thanks, Scott
    Hi Sir, I'm interested in a Wookie brandds and ins a Girth Belt. Do you know when you're going to put both for sale. Thank you. Cheers -- Fran--
    Are you still making ROTJ spats? Not ready to order yet just researching where I might get them from if I need them. THanks
    I am working on the construction of my boba fett ROTJ costume and rnbuda has given me your contact for the rope belt and Wookie Scapls.
    I am interested in them and I would appreciate if you indicate price, availability and shipping to Spain.
    Could you show me a picture?
    Thank you.
    Emergency need help with ESB girth belt please help Woodman I have your ammo belt and horse hair braids and I really need the same quality girth belt from you if possible.
    greetings, i wanna know that do you still have esb girth belts and ammo belts.?and the price. thanks!!!!!!!
    Hello, Im looking for a ESB Cape and Braids. I've looked around and you seem to be the guy to talk to! Would you mind helping me out?

    hello kind sir, im after a ROTJ girth belt and ive been told your the man i need to talk to, im hoping you could point me in the right direction, im uk based. thanks in advance
    Hi I am based in the UK and was told you do the ROTJ Wookie Braids? I'm after an accurate set if possible...
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